Wednesday, January 09, 2008

With a Boulder On My Shoulder, Feelin' Kinda Older, I Tripped the Merry-Go-Round


I've spent the whole day on the computer so far and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go blind.

I posted a new recipe on my recipe site. Here's a picture:

Yummy-yummy Orange Cranberry Bread. I strongly urge you to make it. It beats the hell out of boxed cereal for breakfast.

I also did some template changes over there (which nearly caused me to cry in the corner and suck my thumb) and designed a new banner. Please be polite.

Additionally, I've started writing over at The Fat Ass Water Cooler as well. No, I did not come up with that title. If it was up to me it would have been, "Ye Old Time of Fat Assery." There's a strong difference there.

Now, I'm going to see if I can do something that doesn't cause my fingers to go clickety-clackety-clack on a keyboard.


Anonymous said...

That bread looks scrumptious! And I think Fat Ass Water Cooler is a pretty damn cool name.

LJ said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm....that bread looks yummilicious! You make bread, you write for the Fat Ass place... I see a theme going on here.... You want us all to work on our fat asseries??

Chickenbells said...

That looks wonderful...and I popped over to the recipe site...and I adore the header! OH...and I'm too excited about your gluten free flour mix...yay!!

LLA said...

Waaaait a minute.....

you mean there are alternatives to a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast????

get out!

(that looks so good!)

sltbee69 said...

That looks so yummy! I'm heading over to your recipe board now.

Anonymous said...

That looks good. Really good. Enough for me to bake. From scratch. Heading over to the Water Cooler now. Although I really should get back to work.

Angelina said...

DAMMIT! Why didn't you tell me before? That is so much better than my stupid title. I think Chelsea would love it too. Should we change it? Will the seven people reading it be hopelessly confused? Worse yet- will it OFFEND anyone?

Oh my god, I can't stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

Ooh... I'll have to try this. I promise to come back and leave comment with my mouth full. :D