Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You Look at Me as if You're in a Daze

In the months leading up to Christmas, Aaron began to proclaim "I'm not doing ANYTHING for Christmas! Nothing!" After what happened last year, I kinda understood and took it upon myself to get my stocking stuffers and a gift from Santa.

Christmas morning we were opening gifts. Aaron was opening another gift from his large pile and asked, "Where's Mommy's gifts from Daddy?"

"I don't know, where are they?"

:: eyes bugging out :: "Where are Mommy's gifts from Daddy?"

"I. Don't. Know. Where. Are. They?"

Yeah. When Aaron said he wasn't doing nothing for Christmas, HE MEANT IT. And then he got mad at me for not getting myself gifts from him.

I've only told this story to a few people because it makes me look dumb for being upset because yes, he did tell me he wasn't doing anything for Christmas and because it makes Aaron look like an asshole.

Actually, I don't mind that it makes Aaron look like an asshole because he did act in an asshole-ish way.

Everyone has asked what he has done to make it up and I constant reply nothing, he hasn't done anything. Which is totally true.


Now, don't get me wrong. I love taking care of my family and doing all the stuff that keeps the household running, clean and in a semi-organized fashioned. But sometimes? Sometimes? I want to be taken care of and appreciated too.

This weekend we had my parents over to celebrate my 30th birthday. I made a gluten-free lasagna and...

... a gluten-free chocolate truffle cake.

(Yes, I made them.)

Aaron has under 15 hours to make up his holiday disaster.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Your husband had better get his shit together!
Happy Birthday to you!

And tell Aaron that I want to go to Tassos too!

May you be honored like the queen that you are. And oh my god, you are a BABY! 30 is good. :)

Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers for Aaron to come through. 30th birthdays should be celebrated with fanfaire and tiara's.

How did I celebrate mine, you ask?
It was so unremarkable that I can't even remember:)

So here's hoping that yours is at least memorable!

Anonymous said...

ha! aaron, aaron, aaron.
30 is pretty good - uh oh, i've only got a couple of months left of it - gotta run!
happy birthday!

PamKittyMorning said...

Oohhh Aaron's going to get disciplined.

Happy 30 Girlie.

LLA said...

30? I always forget that you're still a toddler! (It's cause you're all like wise beyond your years 'n stuff.)

Have a very happiest of milestone birthdays!

Berber said...

Wow, I would've been seriously upset if this had happened to me TWO years in row!! Surely you can't be expected to buy your presents!!

Is it your birthday today or tomorrow? Well, happy birthday anyway and I hope you'll be showered with gifts!

Btw that chocolate looks so delicious!!

Unknown said...

Aaron will most definetly come through for you...or at least I'll keep my fingers crossed that he does ;)

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Aaron will most definetly come through for you...or at least I'll keep my fingers crossed that he does ;)

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Aaron will most definetly come through for you...or at least I'll keep my fingers crossed that he does ;)

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Aaron will most definetly come through for you...or at least I'll keep my fingers crossed that he does ;)

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!

(is that why you're waiting to open the package? it may be your only one???)

and, man, you are YOUNG!!!!!

beki said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you get something really good!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on in, the thirties are fine...

Really, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I'm rooting for Aaron- He'll come through.

Angel Jem said...

Happy birthday & I hope thing go OK, so here's to that wonderful present you'll get (and if he doesn't come through, get his credit card!) (just joking)

Me and Him said...

Happy 30th Birthday.

Fingers frossed that Aaron comes through.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a piece of THAT cake please! Yum.
Come on Aaron....we're all waiting on you. Don't slack off man. Give the gal some love and gifts.
Just 30 ay? baby. :)
Happy Birthday Laura.

Miga said...

That cake looks soooooo yummy! Happy Birthday!

P.S. If it weren't for me, no one would ever celebrate anything around this house. My husband hates all holidays (thank so much to the MIL for this) and thinks we should all hate them too. I've started buying my own gifts and saying "look what you got me for my birthday, honey." And I always make sure it's more expensive than what he would have bought.

Anonymous said...

Happy 30!! That cake looks so chocolatey-good.

Go, Aaron! (maybe some positive reinforcement will work?)

Kim -today's creative blog said...

I'm sorry Laura. That sucks. That was very selfish of him and hopefully he has realized that it was and it sure wasn't a good example to his children. The putz. And doesn't he know the saying? "When Momma's not happy, Nobody happy?"
Some guys don't get the importance of the gift thing.

Have a Happy Birthday!!! I will eat cake in your honor.

Anonymous said...

Good luck... I'm still waiting for 8 years of make-ups...

Dawn @ Seeking Sense said...

Oops, and happy 30th! :)~

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Oh my god..

On my 30th birthday my husband looked at me and said" Honey, you can have any kind of Mexican fast food you want."

And he got me a pair of martini glasses.

Hope yours does better. I think I would hold out for 30 gifts. Plus one more. ( in Christmas wrap.)

Happy Birthday Kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
And you can tell Aaron that if he fails then he's got a room mate just waiting over here - cause Jim's on his very, very, very last chance with getting my birthday right this year. Very last chance - d'ya hear me Jim? LAST GODDAMN CHANCE!!
But in the meantime I'm hoping for Aaron's sake that he pulls his finger out and gives you the birthday I know you deserve!

Marshamlow said...

I am ashamed to admit that I am the engineer, analytical, social retard at my house. My husband reminds me to buy him presents and he buys most of the presents for the girls. I have started to realize how important this stuff is to him and this year I even picked some of his presents all by myself. I think that for some of us it is hard to do things where we might fail, like picking a present for someone else, so we avoid it altogether. I say, take him to the store, point to something and then go wait in the car. After a few years he will get the idea. But, like I said, I am a social retard!

Happy Birthday!

Angelina said...

Happy Birthday!!!

C'mon Aaron! Get with it!

Everyone needs to be taken care of once in a while, you deserve it.

The cake looks really good. Yum.

nuttnbunny said...

Oh Aaron - for crying out loud. Pack your bags, you're going on one hell of a guilt trip.

Happy Birthday! You're getting to the 30s just as I'm about to leave. Believe me, it just gets better and better :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope the husband shapes up, and that you have a great time! :)

Chickenbells said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! That boy better step up and pro-vide!!

dee said...

first of all who cooks their OWN birthday dinner? good grief.

secondly, he's under contract to get you gifts at christmas AND your birthday, no matter what. its in the vows(I think its in fine print). if W doesn't get me anything even if we agreed I sulk for days. I remind him of the year he got me a Starbucks gift pack, i remind him every year i got that sucky gift. i can buy my own damn coffee.

thirdly, Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Tommorrow's your bday? My Grandma's official bday too! Happy ONLY 30!!!! birthday! Here's hoping someone comes through for ya!

diana said...

Happy Birthday to you...you baby !! Does Aaron know that you had 29 comments on this subject ? and... can I come over and have a piece of the truffle..good god that looks wonderful.

K said...

Hi - I found you through Lera and we share the same birthday! So HAPPY HAPPY 30th Birthday.....I hope your husband comes through, but if doesn't - give yourself a little trip to the spa or something! :) Also, I can't wait until you post the recipe for that cake....I'd love to make it for my uncle!

textile_fetish said...

First off - oh that cake! Second, I hear ya! Oh mama! When all the gift giving FROM your entire family comes from you?? Yeah, you deserve some perks.

And happy birthday.

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday to you, I wouldn´t want to be in Aaron´s shoes!

Soo said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
men....they have no idea do they?!
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy birtdhay!!!

can't wait to see how he's going to fix that... Aaron, this better be good!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
And Aaron really has some work to do!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, and I hope you ate the whole cake yourself!
I hope Aaron wised up, but if not I guess your birthday shopping for him this year will be super easy!

heather s

Anonymous said...

Slightly late (but hey, Aaron said it'd be fine...) Happy Birthday!

Paula Adams Perez said...

Dude! I missed your birthday, I'm sorry! Glad you ended up having an extra good one! I hope you'll share that choc cake recipe soon - it looks incredible! Paula

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Hey, Happy Birthday you. Hope you had a great day.
Suzie Sews
(PS lovely gifts)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Happy 30th Birthday! What is it about men? If my husband said he was doing nothing, I would kinda still expect at least something very tiny, especially when you dedicate all of your time to your family - you deserve a lot more than nothing! Hope you day is/was great and Aaron has managed to get back in your good books. x