Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What You Gonna Do When You Get Out of Jail?

I can't speak for anyone else, but in our house obsession is an everyday thing.

Of course, this totally includes me but whatever. I'm not talking about me. Or, at least, not right now.

Anyway, Griffin's birthday is coming up next month and he's already obsessed.

For the past few months he has been claiming to want a magic party. First thought? Shit, magicians cost a lot. Second thought? Awesome, I get to make stuff.

Then comes the standard it-is-the-new-year-here-is-a-bunch- of-new-catalogs and what does Griffin find? Lego Knight's Kingdom theme party.

Fuck. Everything is perfectly prepackaged. Invitations. Thank yous. A pinata. Goodie bags. Everything. There's nothing left for me to do other than make the cake or cupcakes.

To take Griffin's mind off the new obsession (and to get me to stop hyperventilating), Aaron took Griffin out Sunday to use Griffin's holiday gift card and what does the child buy?

It totally just sealed the deal.

And unless I can convince him otherwise, it's a prepackaged birthday party. Damn it.

(Oh, and that soiree I'm going to Sunday? The census is chocolate. Since cupcakes are easier to transport, should I make mini-cupcakes or regular cupcakes?)

(Obviously, I'm experiencing some indecisiveness at the moment.)

(Something must be fucking wrong with me.)

(And in case you missed it, I posted a new recipe on my gluten-free cooking site on Sunday.)

(That will be a weekly thing, yo.)


Angelina said...

Gone are the days when you could just blow up a few dangerous balloons and stuff the kids with pizza and cup cakes. Everything must have a theme and it just isn't right unless it's all prepackaged.

Max doesn't know about all the incredible lego-ness he's missing out on. It's been a while since he's gotten his grubby little hands on a catalog from hell.

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohhh, can I comment today blogger?

I say mini-cupcakes they sound cute!

nuttnbunny said...

All hail the valient knight! Make a red-velvet Dragon cake and let them hack it up with swords :-)

I vote mini-cupcakes. You get to eat less and more at the same time.

LLA said...

I'm going to have some fun!

Too late now - but in the future, I'd hide those catalogs, baby!

(and look at how cute your gallant little knight is???)

Anonymous said...

Is it easier to lose track of how many mini-cupcakes someone has stuffed in their face? As in no one will be keeping score if a certain guest downs 8 or 9 mini-cupcakes? Vs. someone would notice if you had 2 big ones? Just curious.

And damn! That's some pricey pre-packaged birthday loot!

Anonymous said...

jack got the same knight costume for christmas (halloween clearance -- $4). we had one years ago but it was loved to death. literally.

doesn't it pull up his nose in an awkward, frightening way? jack has to tilt his head up to see out. (and do you have a cape with it? if not, that's something you can make!)

oh, i just had an idea. remember taylor's puppet for school? he had a shield made from really sturdy craft felt (from michaels). maybe you could make those for party favors -- boy size. maybe it doesn't have to be totally prepackaged.

MéLisa said...

Ok first how cute is that kid?

Second, I say screw the set thign & make your own anyway. By all means buy the plates & what not but I would so make everything else if you want to. Just cause they sell it doesn't mean ya have to buy it, use it as inspiration to do your own unique knight party!

By the way LOVE the red velvet dragon cake item!

Anonymous said...

go with the knights theme, but don't buy the whole package-deal. why NOT make stuff? tell him that you can make better stuff or it's cheaper or something. help him plan what to do so that he's excited about it.

i LOVE birthdays - esp. making stuff for them!

Emy said...

I say skip the goodie bags, they're full of plastic crap anyways and make knight themed stuff. Soulemama is doing a knight party for her son right now. Get some ideas there? We talked Cale into a pirate party and we're going to screenprint jollyroger t-shirts for the kids, plus have crafts (make treasure chests). I'm so excited. We both are. Cale too. Maybe oriental trading co has some stuff?
I vote mini cupcakes. That way you can eat more. If you eat 6 cupcakes, people talk. But no one notices 6 mini cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

T has that knight set and it totally gets air time when not much else does. they all love it and every kid that comes over has to try it on.

oh, and i vote for minis.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that kit does have everything. You don't need to necessarily use the kit though to have a knight party.

I vote minis.

Soo said...

go on, you can do it.....get the prepackaged party and you can spend more time making hundreds of mini cupcakes!!!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

We have a winter birthday too. Last year I did the whole pirate theme........of course this was before the second JOhhny film so there was NO pirate stuff ANYWHERE! This year would have been so much easier. It's everywhere.
I think they might have those Knight costumes at The Dollar Tree too......just a thought for the party. Not as cute as the one he has, but maybe an option for the other little brats........I mean children. :)

dee said...

that is one cool knight. boy parties are fun and cool, girl ones always PINK like you never saw. In my family anyway. Barbies and Princesses till you can't take it anymore!

I'd go for the mini's (especially if you have one of those cupcake towers, love those)

Chickenbells said...

Darned those pre-packaged things...They cost a lot of loot! Definately with the mini cupcakes...they're the best!

Anonymous said...

mini cupcakes... more ladylike. And you can stuff a whole one in your mouth without anybody noticing...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are stuck! Put your creative powers to use on something else... it's a packaged party. And I think minicupcakes would be a hit because they are different and oh so tempting.