Monday, January 22, 2007

Mahna Mahna, De Do Do Do Doo, Mahna Mahna, De Do Do Do Doo

We got snow. Lots and lots of snow.

Six inches of snow.

We had quite a busy weekend, but more on that tomorrow.

Today is my deadline of Ali's Weekly Challenge (remember?); this week's assignment is to draft a list of what would be considered our scrapbooking essentials...

my digital camera -- it's a modest little guy, but he does a fantastic job at taking photos of my family and documenting every little detail of our lives -- so far, they have the best quality photo printing I have found and they print my photos on matte paper, the only kind I will use

photo file :: post it notes -- this is the only way I can remotely keep myself organized and remember the dates

my computer -- for storing photos, writing this site (which the material for this is great as reference for our scrapbooks), fixing photos and being my biggest organizational helper ever

paper trimmer :: photo trimmer :: scissors -- great for getting my paper, photos, emblishments, ribbon, etc, cut cleanly and percisely

waxed paper -- the biggest secret in my stash, it keeps all my trimmers and scissors clean and sharp (anytime something isn't working well, cut a bunch of wax paper. it cleans the blade, sharpens it and lubricates it all at the same time)

card stock :: patterned paper :: paper holder -- I am a paper junkie. Really, I have loads and loads and loads of paper. I love it. I love all the different colors, weights and textures. I love mismatching different lines together to get exactly what I want on my pages.

QuicKutz hand die cutter :: letter dies :: xyron create-a-sticker -- it may be heavy and awkward to use, but I love hand cutting letters and running them through the xyron to make my own titles that match perfectly.

back and white letter rub-ons and stickers -- when I want a more simple and easy page

Zig Millennium black pigment pins :: uni-ball Signo white pin :: mechanical #2 pencils -- perfect four journaling, sub-titles and marking where paper and photos need to be cut

Herma dotto removable tape runner -- just about the only adhesive I use

12-inch top loading albums -- to store everything when completed

Aaron, Griffin and Darwin -- because, seriously, without them I'd have nothing to scrapbook and no reason to

Those are my basics. Yes, I have tons more stuff than that in my stash, including lots of ribbon, embellishments, special adhesives, stamps, inks and three more drawers of stuff.

(Hopefully I'll be able to take photos, upload them to flickr and link them all soon. Done!)


Anonymous said...

I have GOT to do some scrapbooking! I am soooo far behind. As in - I haven't gotten to Eliot yet. And he just turned three! Thanks for the waxed paper tip - now where are those scissors?

LLA said...

Look at your pretty, pretty snow!

I enjoyed your scrapbook list - although that is one crafty bug I've not yet been bitten by!

I was interested to read that you like SnapFish best... Years ago, I tried out several sites (basically, anyone who would give me 10 free prints) and I remember liking SnapFish, but loving Shutterfly. I may have to give SnapFish another try...

PamKittyMorning said...

I can't wait to see fruits of your labors. And to cut waxed paper.x

Anonymous said...

Mahna mahna... now I'm going to have that song running through my head all afternoon. Did you see it on The Muppet Show?

Good scrapbooking list!

Anonymous said...

Scrapbooking is one thing I haven't gotten into yet.But I do love the paper isle at the craft store. I always have to stop and admire all the pretty colors and patterns...Maybe someday? I've still got to learn how to quilt, knit and crochet something other than a straight line first.

I love the wax paper tip. Totally going to try it tonight.

Berber said...

Dear me, that's a lot of stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Great list and so jealous of that snow!
Waxed paper you say? Must try this out. :)
I didn't know you were a january baby too! Vedy interesting.

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Thanks for the Waxed paper tip. I'll have to try that.
I used to be a Hermi user for at least 5 plus years. I now LOVE the tape runner by Duck. My walmart still carries them in a four pack for only $8.77. LOVE THEM

I do have a site that I used to order my hermi refills for $3 something. Let me know if you need it.

Chickenbells said...

Yay for snow...we got some too finally! Not as much as you, but still appreciated...

I did not know about waxed paper and scissors...interesting!

Anonymous said...

i have scrapbook phobia. i have a lot of supplies, but am afraid to actually do it. i'm afraid i'll mess something up! and i don't like my handwriting.

i'm so envious that you actually do it!!!! i need to move to KS. i need your help.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that's lots of stuff...

We're totally loving the snow. Hope the weekend was good busy, not too much-overload busy.

Anonymous said...

Snow! I need me some snow!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great list -- wonderful ideas, especially the wax paper!! Will go buy some tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing.