Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cramping Styles is the Plan

Last night after dinner, Darwin decided it would be a really good idea to strip down and suddenly proclaim, "Pee-pee? In da potty? Pee-pee? In da potty?"

So I walked him to the bathroom and he did as he always did: freak out at the site of the potty.


It's a healthy relationship.

I sat back down at the table and looked at Aaron. "Should I get out the little potty now?"

"Yeah. Probably. But it's dirty."

"I don't want to."

"Don't want to what?"

"Potty train Darwin. He's not ready."

"He's dancing in the living room, singing his love for the potty."

"But he's still a running pooper."

"Woman, he wants to pee in the potty. We should encourage that."

"But he doesn't even realize When He Poops Yet."

"But he wants to use the potty."

So I went upstairs and got the potty.

Darwin's face lit up like the Easter Bunny and Santa magically arrived on Halloween.

Darwin played with the potty. He'd sit, hold down is penis, stand up and proclaim, "Pee-pee?" Then he'd stand up, check to see if the potty was wet and begin the whole process over again.

He had to have an audience. If I didn't sit with him in the bathroom he'd follow me out, potty in tow, and sit it down and begin the pee-pee checking all over again.

After two hours of this, he suddenly began to get irate. Screaming, "Mommy! Mommy!" and holding his penis.

"What? You finally need to pee?"


"Well, then. Sit. On. The. Potty."


"What? You want to put a diaper back on and pee in the diaper?"

"Yes! Peas! Diaper, Mommy, diaper!"


Chickenbells said...

2 hours having someone follow you around with a potty? Well...at least he didn't do it on the floor...my mother always regales us with lovely potty training stories of me...har har har

Anonymous said...

oh, boy, have i been there (recently!)

the potty-training workshop i went to (at an autism school) said to not worry about bowel yet, just go for #1 when they're ready. thomas is doing great at #1, refuses to sit for #2, but has made major readiness progress in area anyway.

good luck! here's to you and me:
Diaper-Free in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I so don't miss that. This is one case where I can honestly say that things will get better as they get older!

Darwin's evil grin is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo thankful that both of my kids pretty much potty trained themselves. With a lot of help from the Montessori toddler class. Peer pressure can be a GOOD thing.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee.

Mommy always knows best.

Berber said...

Happy about your new challenge?!

Btw, Amber will six in June and still wears a diaper at night...any ideas on how to tackle that ;)

Kim -today's creative blog said...

what no treats? No M&Ms?........except that the poor guy is probably allergic.
Cute story........he's getting ready.

Anonymous said...

He'll get it. It takes time. I love his grin too!

Nora was soooo interested in the potty AND she wanted to wear underpants. SO the first day she pooped once and peed once on the potty, we hollered and cheered, she got a lolly. Now she won't go near it. I think she thinks, "been there, done that." So I know she can do it, but she won't even sit on it without screaming. Stubborn little stinker. It takes time.

Anonymous said...

What a great evil grin!
(I also scream when I see the toilet but that's just because I'm the one who has to clean it. :)

Ali said...

Surely you didn't think he was going to make it easy on you did ya? Torturing your mother is one of the joys of toilet training! It's in the toddler guerilla manual.

Anonymous said...

why is the potty so fun to play on, but not use? i don't get it!

good luck.

spenser has been peeing and pooping on the potty very intermittently. i'm not training her. it's all her. mostly before and after her bath and then today after mason's preschool.

MéLisa said...

Oh that was very funny, but seeing as the only experience I have with this is house breaking puppies I have no wisdom for you.

At least he didn’t potty on the floor ‘cause I am pretty sure that sticking his nose in it shouting “NO NO NO” is frowned upon for potty training kids. Hmmmmmm Better keep that in mind when we have one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, apart from the penis bit, we are having the exact same conversations with Bella at the moment! Fun.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the days of potty training. So glad they're over at this house...

Hang in there, girl!

Angelina said...

That is my favorite picture EVER of Darwin!

Using the toilet is such an emotional event for some kids, I would even say most kids. I really don't understand why it has to be like climbing mount Everest for toddlers, but it is.

nuttnbunny said...

Is the Ouzo still in the fridge?

Z turns 3 tomorrow. We've been desperately trying to hype the potty. Z doesn't believe the hype.

Anonymous said...

Huh! I know I left a comment yesterday... darned blogger, I hate it even when I don't use it. Anyway, your experience is pretty much exactly the way my son potty trained. I got to the point where I was screaming noooooo!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. Bea pretty much has a hate/hate relationship with it but NO ONE else is allowed to have a poo in the house without her inspecting it and flushing it for them or throwing the baggie with poop diaper into the garage for them. Beatrice: Poo inspector.

dee said...

good luck! to be honest i used gummy bears and jelly beans to bribe... and it worked too!(I would have used m&ms but my boy is allergic to peanuts). It took waaaay longer for my boy to do it then my girl. Now i have trouble getting him to come in and pee, he likes to run to the front yard - where theres always a b-ball game going on across the street - and pee. Nature boy. or exhibitionist. yikes.

LLA said...

Got any of that ouzo left? 'Cause this sounds like it calls for it...

Hope the migraine is gone, daddy, gone by the time you read this...

Anonymous said...

oh man, Im going through the little girl version right now too.
And, hey what genius child potty trains themselves!?!

Good luck- let us know when the wee wee drought is broken. : )

Anonymous said...

LOL - ah yes. I remember that. And I have to look forward to it once again.

Toni said...

this cracks me up! seriously though, after potty training 5 kids--this is where it all starts. let him keep dragging it around and doing the dance. my oldest son went through a phase of being afraid of the potty because he saw a fly land on it! he got over it. stay relaxed mama, and offer lots of smiles--it will happen.