Sunday, January 15, 2006

Overheard at My House

Aaron: Did you hear? We bombed Pakistan.

Me: Huh?

Aaron: We bombed Pakistan, by the border of Afghanistan.

Me: Was is an accident?

Aaron: No, we did it on purpose; to get a terrorist.

Me: Riiiiiiight. Because we'll bomb the hell out of anyone if we think a terrorist is there. Its the American Way.

Aaron: Yep. Belafonte it totally right.


Marshamlow said...

My hubby is in the Air Force. Yet, we too were shocked, they dropped a bomb to kill one guy, and he wasn't even there.

I am really, really against war, all war, not just this one. I fell in love with and married a guy who loves the military. I have been working hard to understand his point of view for five years now, I am closer but it still gives me a headache.

laura capello said...

I was hoping I wouldn't offend you with this post; I just don't understand how this behavior on our government's part is ethically or morally correct.

Marshamlow said...

That was sweet of you to think of me. I am hoping in my heart of hearts that we are only hearing half the story, that there was a more compelling reason to drop that bomb.

Anonymous said...

If our government were TRYING to turn the rest of the world against us, they couldn't do a much better job than they already are...