Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Ain't No Headtrip Honey, This is a Collision on the Road

I just published a huge article, "How to be Gluten-Free Sensitive" on my cooking site.

Sara (hi Sara!) emailed me this week hoping to understand gluten-free better so she share food with her friends (she fucking rocks, yo). This is exactly the kick-in-the-pants I needed to give that site some attention, it's been sorely neglected this summer.

In other cooking news, I made some blackberry muffins today and holy shit are those blackberries tart. Like, grimace-on-your-face-tart. The super-sweet batter helps but still, having a huge clot of blackberries was almost too much even for me. And I even coated them in sugar. Oh god, listen to me: woe is me, my gluten-free blackberry muffins are tart. That sounds rather pathetic of me.


montague said...

you rock. i'm sending it to my best friend, who is living gluten free!

pungsnotded said...

Congratulations on being published, you deserve it! I have not idea how you cook all those delicious things, I can only use a recipe! And blackberries are so hard to cook with, in my opinion. They either get squishy and bland or really tart. Except in jelly, blackberry jelly is pretty yummy!

World Wide Alternative said...

Mmmmmmmmm, love a good tart.
I'm coming over! Xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm sorta jealous. I agree with pungsnotded, blackberries are hard to cook with. Even though you say they're tart, they still sound scrumptious!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

crap, your post totally reminded me that I have a gallon of berries in the other fridge! I hope their still good.