Monday, August 11, 2008

Everybody Wanna Talk Too Much, But What You Need is a Special Touch

We spent the weekend on the couch, watching the Olympics.

Oh yeah. Us. The nerds. The ones who's eyes glaze over when someone mentions a ball. Any ball. If a ball is involved, we're bored. Please do not mention balls to us unless you want us to roll our eyes, glaze them over and eventually fake a seizure. Or start talking Star Wars. We're good at both.

Anyway! Olympics!

I became a screamer. No, wait. A SCREAMER. Yeah, that's better. I screamed and screamed. Screamed at one of the Women's Volleyball teams for consistently serving the ball (ball! I'm talking about a ball!) over the back line. Screamed at Phelps to GO! GO! GO! Screamed at the men's row team to GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR! And did you know? When they row? Their seats actually move like that fake doohicky does in the gym? I DID NOT KNOW THAT. It's like, real.

And, due to my extreme guilt of being a lazy ass and spending all my time on the couch, I practiced my split stitch.

Aaron: "What the hell are you doing?"

Laura: "Embroidery."

Aaron: "Why? Oh, wait. I know why. SO YOU CAN POST IT ON YOUR BLOG"

Laura: "Nuh-uh. I need to practice my split stitch."

Aaron: "And so you can post it on your blog."

Laura: "Well, shit, Aaron. I have to have something to show for my weekend. How about you?"

Aaron: "Please. My awesomeness is accomplishment enough."


montague said...

most of the stuff i do (bake, cook, clean, craft, read) is done, according to my better half, just for the purpose of having something to blog about. question is... why did i do anything then, before i started blogging?

and yeah - Olympics ALL the way.

Chickenbells said...

Well...I suppose the big accomplishment of just being alive on the planet is good for some...for others? Well, it's all about the embroidery...I am loving it by the way...

Anonymous said...

Somehow I just can't believe that you don't like to talk about balls!

The other day at the pool, my son was talking about his toys going in the filter hole, but he screamed, "My balls are getting sucked!" yeah, I knew you would like that. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm totally not athletic, but I love the Olympics. We've been watching it a lot, too. We have even cleared out most of our DVR for it. No embroidery going on here though. I'm not that coordinated.

Anonymous said...

I nearly woke my children last night yelling at the 4 x 100 team and cheering them on. Go Go Go!!!!

I love the olympics. I live for the olympics. we're really hoping to BE at the next olympics.... :)

And nice split stitch...

Anonymous said...

we're hooked too. even Jack.
and we've been doing lots of yelling.

but then again, I love balls.

(hee hee. sorry couldn't resist.)

Evie said...

there is no life without

Me and Him said...

I was screaming at the US relay team to go faster, go, go, go then hubby pointed out Australia had a team too. So then I screamed at both.

Soo said...

your split stitch is looking pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've always said balls were overrated, but I like the Olympics. I think I actually like the Olympics more than my husband (who likes balls) does. I've missed big parts of it though.

I'm impressed with the embroidery. Dealing with needles always makes me feel stabby (and, eventually, stabbed).

Andrea said...

Must be something about getting older, becoming adults, cause I watched some Olympics for the first time in my life, in fact I was up way past my bedtime to see it. LOL