Friday, April 25, 2008

Why You Gotta Do Me Like That

Okay, you all are cracking me up with the laundry comments. Apparently, I do a lot of laundry? I don't really know what y'all are talking about. We're a family of four and I do 1o to 15 loads of laundry a week. We have whites, lights, darks, pants & jammies, my shirts, towels, delicates, sheets and blankets. I do about two or three loads of each whites and pants a week. Is this not normal? Does it help to mention we have really bad allergies and I wash our bedding once a week?

Okay! Thursday! Besides Blogger being a bugger and not letting me post last night I... worked + did three loads of dishes + one load of laundry + made the kids pick up the playroom + taught Griffin how to properly put books away + thoroughly scrubbed two bathrooms + cleaned the kitchen + cleaned the table + scrubbed the oven + cleaned Tuckie's habitat

+ put away seven loads of laundry (which I always find to be the most daunting task) + washed the walls in the upstairs bathroom (dude, I really need to paint) + fed the kids lunch + met up with friends to go bowling

+ came home + sat on my ass while I talked to my mother-in-law for an hour and a half + took a shower + made the boys dinner (leftovers) + begged Aaron to bring home Chipotle + played checkers with the boys + ate dinner + watched "Ugly Betty" + went to bed.



Anonymous said...

So are we supposed to be telling you what we do, too? I barely remember yesterday. Uh...

I made breakfast and lunch, breastfed three times, put away dishes all day to make up one dishwasher load, put away three loads of folded clothing, washed/dried/put away the towels and pillow cases, played on the floor with the girls trying to get Charlotte to crawl, dragged Elise to the potty every half hour, took a shower, took the girls out to the middle of nowhere (Babies R Us) to get a double stroller which I loaded into the cart by myself, stopped for a latte, put the girls down for naps, finished my 2007 blog book for my mothers for Mother's Day, read part of "You on a Diet" and then promptly went to Culver's for dinner (nice), went for a walk with the new stroller, did a family video chat with mother in law, put Charlotte to bed, washed lots of bottles, read a couple blogs, did a little sewing/pressing/pinning on my bridesmaid dress, watched the Daily Show on DVR, went to sleep at midnight.

You're right -- that makes me feel better. :)

montague said...

WHERE do you get your energy from? and.... mhhh, you do a lot of laundry. but then it's only 2 of us, so what do i know what's a lot?

Anonymous said...

To further illustrate my piss poor housekeeping skills, we've lived in our house for 8 years and I have never cleaned the oven.

And we played checkers again last night too.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Tuckie looks so happy! I'm a laundry Goddess. I put it in my description(occupation). I do 3 to 4 loads every other day. If I do it everyday it drives me nuts. I need a break every other day to blog and do important things like that. Hope you have a great weekend!
BTW Word Verification was bqmvifns. It must have been the way it was warped 'cause it made me want muffins. Have any?

montague said...

you might like this:

Chickenbells said...

Yay bowling! So...are you going to paint the walls instead of washing them? You may also want to consider just throwing your clothes away and buying new ones, THAT would cut down on your laundry for sure...(maybe a little wasteful, but still...)

Anonymous said...

my husband does laundry constantly. he can't stand it if it piles up. so I think that's normal. :)

k said...

Oh God, what have I gotten myself into.

MichelleB said...

You wash your bedding every week? Wow. Lucky family. I buy more clothes so I don't have to laundry so damned often.

Anonymous said...

I do laundry constantly too. It drives me crazy.

Oh, and thanks for not posting that other picture. Ahem.

World Wide Alternative said...

Good God! Are you taking the kid's ADD meds? Xxx

Anonymous said...

I do about the same amount of laundry. I'd love to know how someone could get away with less!

Rebecca F.

Stephanie ODea said...

dude, you don't even want to know what I've done today and it's 8am.

--wrote blog
--put on a chicken
--looked in the backyard with a flashlight at 3:30am for lemons
--got kids up, fed
--went to store
--decorated friend's house with balloons, sidewalk chalk
--came home, released lady bugs, planted a few plants, sprayed off whole front of house
--ate breakfast, gulped down 3 cups of coffee

and I do one load of laundry every day and I don't separate colors and I've had so much coffee in such a limited space of time my fingers are twitching and I'm actually freaking myself out.