Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've Been Swimming in a Sea of Anarchy

Earlier this week, the lovely Lauren tagged me for seven things I think are lame.

Oh my hell, is today ever a day to do such a thing.

1. Magical flus that pop up and bite you in the ass. And knock you in the head. It's nice to sit upright today, and that's just pathetic.

2. Fevers that spread like wildfire through the family (okay, that ties in with number one but still, it's lame).

3. Receiving goodies in the mail, but not writing about them nor posting pictures. I do believe this also qualifies me as a major asshole.

4. A cable box that freezes up and reboots itself in the middle of watching t.v. And a cable company that doesn't answer the phone. Bastards.

5. The lack of sunshine in Kansas.

6. Me, constantly singing "mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me..."

7. Roadtrips. With children. Who like to do public potty tours. We're suppose to go to Arkansas tomorrow. Yikes.

Oh! Got another one!

8. People making the democratic nomination be a fight about race or gender. I don't give a shit about the race and gender, I just want the best candidate. For us, it's Obama.

Something not lame?

Superhero three year olds.

Got a lame list? Let me know!


gwendomama said...

ohgoody!!!! i love a list of lameness and complaints!!


will definitely post on this one. in my free time today.
#1 lame thing: ONLY 24 HOURS? REALLY?

montague said...

ok - HOW freaking cute is your kid? i mean seriously? with the mask? too much.
lame thing? not having a back yard. or a balcony. or any kind of outside space (fire escape does NOT count!)

Chickenbells said...

Superheroes are definitely not lame (and that one is pretty darned cute to boot) specially if they do your laundry and grocery shopping for you...

No? Well, then not having anyone to do that stuff? Totally lame.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Spring allergies that make me want to scratch my eyes out. Very lame!

dee said...

that is one cute superhero!

and obama is our man too - AND he's from Hawaii!

Mama Klistel said...

YES! Thank you for saying that about race and gender. I so feel you on that one. I'm so sick of hearing about who's winning "the white vote", or "the black vote", or "the male vote" or "the female, white, older vote". Barf. How about the AMERICAN vote?

~Another hot mama for Obama (stop on by sometime).

Anonymous said...

You know what would make our days sunnier? Let's meet in the middle and sing Mr. Sun together---we'll bring the kids. 2 hours each, right? Because I can NO LONGER HANDLE this endless winter. Straitjacket, please.

Hyena In Petticoats said...

On such a lame day, I have a little thing to cheer you up....

I think this kit would be the PERFECT addition to your house.

I can't decide who would love it more - the genius kids or the super-geek parents! Yip!

love to you.

Leah xx

Sarah and Jack said...

God we need sun here too. BAD BAD BAD. Going to shrivel up and die soon.

He is such a cutie pie in his mask!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh my what a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn those magical flus! I hope you're doing better by now, and have a good trip. Darwin looks adorable.

Toni said...

*adorable* superhero three year olds i might add...

Angelina said...

I don't know why you want the sun so much...we don't get much of it here in Oregon either but that's why I love living here!!! When I was in California it made me crazy having so much sun.

The Democrats are gonna mess this election up and then we're going to be stuck with another nasty bastard for another eon. At least Bush himself can't win again. We're an Obama house too.

Chara Michele said...

If #3 refers to something I sent you, then you don't have to feel bad because I am pretty sure I blogged about it myself after making it. Now if it refers to something you were sent by anyone else, well then I can't help you. :)