Monday, March 31, 2008

You Better Run, You Better Hide

If you haven't seen Super Bad, this may make no sense. So in that event, you may want to watch this clip.... but be warned it may not be safe work work or children.

"Wow. That Seth is fucked up."


"Because. He drew pictures of penises. All the time."

"So? I drew pictures of boobies all through second grade."

"You did what?"

"I drew pictures of boobies. At school. Haven't I told you this before?"

"Uh.... no. No, Laura, you haven't."

"Oh. I drew boobies. And I gave them to the boys at my table."

::blink, blink::

"And then one day, the teacher found some that one of the boys had saved up. And he got in trouble. Sent to the principal's office and everything. And then the boy told them I drew them and no one believed him. And then I stopped drawing them."


"Yeah. Duh. Didn't I just explain that?"

"So... you were just as fucked up as Seth then?"

"Well, I didn't draw any pictures of vaginas so I wouldn't say I was as bad."

"Why didn't you draw any pictures of vaginas?"

"'Cause I didn't know what they looked like AND IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME."


Apple said...

I loved that movie...hilarious!!!

sltbee69 said...

That movie was hilarious! BTW - I used to draw pictures of butts.

Floaterie said...

ahhh hahahahahaha!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I laughed so hard when I saw that movie. I used to draw butts too. I wonder what that says about us. Have a great week!

LauraJ said...

If it's any consolation I drew penises in the third grade. I still have in my minds eye how I drew them. They look like tombstones.
I haven't seen the movie yet.

Anonymous said...

Um...... bwahahahahaha!! I would have loved to know you in school.

I find it hilarious that although you may curse at your house, you use the term "boobies". Perfect!

My daughter is six and drew a naked woman complete with big boobies and a vagina on the back of a piece of paper at the restaurant the other day. I thought it was fantastic. I guess I'm into realism.....

laura capello said...

i actually don't curse at home.

okay, i do. but not around the kids.

or if i do curse around the kids, i spell it. or whisper it. or, most likely, use spongebob curse words like "barnacles!"

it's not nearly as satisfactory.

montague said...

that was really sweet and generous of you :P

Anonymous said...

I drew one butt in second grade. I thought it was hilarious, but the friend I showed it to couldn't tell what it was, so I decided I didn't have enough artistic talent to draw human body parts. It never would have occurred to me to draw boobies (I never saw them at home). Such a sheltered childhood.

Haven't seen Superbad. I've noticed that the older my kids get, the less interested I am in watching movies about teenage boys trying to get laid.

LA said...

You always crack me up!