Friday, March 07, 2008

There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today, it's the Same Old Thing as Yesterday

There's only so many ways to re-account everyday life.

Ran dishes, did laundry, fill sippy cups, cleaned Tuckie's habitat, picked Griffin up from school, ran more laundry, opened the mail, colored with the kids.

[green week]

But in all honesty, for me, it's those constants the ground me and that I enjoy the most -- yes, I enjoy doing the laundry.

What I don't enjoy are all the unpleasentries, the broken pipe, the meter guy, the broken back door. But that's what keeps me on my toes, I suppose. The little - or big - surprises that make each day unique.

I'm trying to roll with them. Really trying.


Chickenbells said...

I suppose it is better to roll with the punches than struggle against them, but it's harder to put that in practice sometimes...I know when anything I perceive as major goes down, I have to let myself have a bit of a freak out period sometimes...then it's back to doing laundry!

Floaterie said...

ahhh...rolling with it. That's my life motto...if you don't roll with'll eat you alive. Kudos to staying grounded in the little constants in our lives. :)

Apple said...

I had to get on medicine to learn to "roll with it". I am still learning. HA HA!!!

misschris said...

I enjoy the laundry too, hon. I'll admit it.

Rolling with it is a good plan. It's hard to plan around -- geez I hate having my plans thwarted -- but it's a very good motto. And catchy tune, yo. ;)

pungsnotded said...

I love doing laundry! I even like folding it, I just hate the putting it away part! Just roll with it, is a good mantra! (like we have any other choice) :)

montague said...

rock on!

Dana said...

Keep rolling.

Anonymous said...

i so wanted to do a green week post about crayons. all of those green crayons in fabulous shades and all of their funny color names. ran out of time. so glad you got some crayons in there!

(and roll with it!? one of the great lessons of life. i'm trying hard to learn.)