Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Really Miss You Much (M-I-S-S You Much)

Visiting is nice and all, but nothing compares to home.

What do I miss?

Whole Foods (lame, yes -- but I had to travel out of state yesterday to do grocery shopping and the pickings were dismal at best)

city water (how can my hair be oily and flaky at the same time? that's what I want to know)

Tuckie (I miss that badassmotherfucker, yo)

my bed

cooking with my pots and pans

being in a gluten-free home

my sewing machine

being in a pet-free home

people not having allergic reactions

ability to go somewhere without traveling over 30 minutes to get there

showering in a shower I don't magically break (dude, don't ask)

knowing the channels on the tv


my yard (is anything blooming out there yet ladies?)

lakes that aren't frozen


showering on my time schedule

having an internet provider that doesn't crash my computer (poor Aaron, the computer is still bugging out and Aaron's spending hours a day trying to fix it)

washing our clothes

sleeping in my bed

food, food, food, food and more food

working on the house when I have "downtime"

closets and drawers to put clothes away in

piles of magazines to read

my mixer

being on the computer without feeling rushed and guilty.


Chickenbells said...

Dude...I miss Whole Foods, and I gotta travel about 2 hours to get to one (Trader Joe's as well) Sometimes the best things about vacations is coming home and truly being able to appreciate home in a new way...right?

misschris said...

I got grass poking up, but no blooms. Lotsa rain. It ain't pretty, but it's spring in the midwest, and I'll take it. Come back soon, honey. We miss you. xox

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm the same way when I'm on vacation. My house might be small and crappy but I love it. It's comfy and it's MINE, ALL MINE!! I didn't know that I had so many comforts at home until I left it.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Tuckie IS in good hands, right?

Ali said...

I only ever realize what a homebird I am when I have to stay with somebody else - streeeeeesssssssss!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you'll be back shopping at Whole Foods and all the rest soon. Tuckie misses you too. He says my cricket dispensing technique leaves a lot to be desired, yo.

Floaterie said...

oh man-- i know what you mean about traveling 30 min. to get anywhere --that's where I live, baby! All shopping is done at horrid box stores and let's just say that Price Chopper is the pick of the grocery litter...oy! and, yes, it's all a lovely 30 min drive away....man, sometimes I miss the 'burbs!

and, no, I have nothing popping up--my yard is still under a good 18 inches of snow....sigh...

Apple said...

Home is where the heart is...and you definitely miss it when you leave.

Anonymous said...

I think that's probably why I'm never in a real hurry to go on vacation.

Lisa said...

There is no place like home! Amazing how much better it looks when you can't be in it. Enjoy the time away.

Stephanie ODea said...

please be driving carefully.


World Wide Alternative said...

Glad you are home & all still alive...Xxx

Angelina said...

Well, I would miss many of those things as well. Won't you be coming home soon?

Anonymous said...

The best part about vacation is coming home!

Nicole said...

I hear you on this one. We recently visted my father in law for a week and a half and I ended up sick from eating products with glutten in them. We started doing it for my daughter but our bodies got so used to it that we need it now too.