Friday, December 14, 2007

Whoa, We're Halfway There

The Lego Advent Calendars are making me cry. Me. The one with the foul-mouthed-twisted-sense-of-humor.

Ah, well.

And oh my hell, these are making my hands hurt.

I've come to the startling conclusion that I'm not superwoman and all those things I had planning on making for holidays just aren't going to pan out. Personally, I blame Target.

Serenity now, serenity now, serenity now.


"I ho, I ho, It's off to collect a paycheck I go..."

"Hey there, Whiskers. You okay?'

"Duuuuuuuuud-ah. You have no idea."

"You been hittin' the pipe again?"

"Hells yeah."

"Nice. Where'd you get your stuff?"

"Dude, I grow my own."

[I find it rather sick and perverted that I don't smoke or do drugs and this is where I'm making the story go.]

[I wonder if I'd have more readers if I didn't make my Legos hit the pipe.]

"You want some Abbie? For your trip?"

"Maybe on my way back?"

"Dude, your lost."

"Snowperson? You are not allowed to be here."


"We're now drilling the arctic circle. Georgie boy authorized it."

"But... but... the United States don't own this land."

"Hasn't stopped us before. Now, walk away or I'll have you removed. Or, disassembled or something."

"Whew. That was close. We can't be found out. But man..."

"... I gotta hit the head."


Kim said...

ROTF hitting the pipe

Chickenbells said...

The crack rabbit is very cute! Besides, what's the holidays without people's nasty little addictions/coping mechanisms brought out in front of family and friends?

Kitty said...

Hi ... you don't know me from Adam (or should that be Eve?) - I'm a slightly quirky person in the UK who found your blog via Ali at domesticali.

I just wanted to tell you I've had a lovely time sitting here reading your stuff, and laughing at your lego pictures.

Hope you don't mind if I bookmark and come back again?

Take care :-)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you should get a book deal off your lego work. :D I can see it now, in boardbook style for the pre-reading set. It's never too early to corrupt small children. *snort*

LLA said...

Holiday cards are kicking my ass too...

And I'm delighted to see that you reached the same conclusion as to just what exactly the Lego Calendar was offering up on Friday... WTF???

(I think the makers of this year's calendar were hitting the pipe!)

Ali said...

You (and the Lego tale) are getting a little award.

Anonymous said...

Hitting the pipe... it sounds like fun this time of year!

Mia said...

yup.. the one ornament the lego people are missing.. their own pot plants ::laughing my ass off::

Maybe you could BUILD them one outta the green legos??

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

What can I say...Would not be Christmas without the Capello outlook on the Lego life!!!