Monday, December 10, 2007

Now All Those Simple Things Are Simply Too Complicated for My Life

Oh my hell. This post took forever to load up today. My apologize to my friends till on dial-up.

Um, does dial-up still exist?

On Saturday I braved the ice storm to go find a silver ornament to participate in Stacy's photo challenge.

Well, I had a doctor's appointment anyway. I'll blame my sliding around on the roads that day on the doctor.

Hmmmm... me thinks this is going to take some work. If I use the flash everything washes out, if I don't use the flash the images are blurry.

Dear Santa, please bring me a digital SLR. I'm not picky, just something that will do what I want when I want it.

And while your at it, can you program my children to act the same way?



(That's for my friend who claims to no longer remember what I look like. Geesh.)

Tonight the weather people are calling for an even worse ice storm than the one we experienced from Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

Living in Kansas is a bitch, y'all.

Tonight we are supposedly getting a full inch of ice and possibly power outages. The last time we had it this bad I was eight months pregnant with Griffin and we lost power for seven days. I spent those seven days holed up in the basement with our old-school, doesn't-really-put-out-much-heat gas fireplace. And if that happens again I'M FUCKED because our basement is a DISASTER and I still haven't cleaned out all the kitty dander.

Dear Santa,

Please don't let me lose my power.


Also, Aaron's suppose to go on a week-long business trip tomorrow morning.

Again with the I'm fucked.

So this brings up a good dilemma of should I cook all my chicken, ground bison and Italian sausage today? Or should I be a rebel and hope for the best?

Does anyone wanna come over and micro-manage my life? Anyone?


"Over and out, JimBob. I've got the decoy and I'm headed over."

"Hey Baby Pickles... do you know how to work this? No? Damn it..."

"What the - "

"Oh no!"

"Run! Aborting the mission! Run!"

"Thanks Baby Pickles. Oh look, your magical poop is helping me get reception!"

"Hmmm... I've never seen a vehicle such as this before. How's this suppose to help me?"


"Hi! I'm Holly. I need some help."

"I've been waiting for you, Holly. I'm the Abominable Snowman..."

Meanwhile... "Oh wow... look what I found...."


Ali said...

And there I was thinking that could NOT be a cat turd. But lo - it was.

And if Santa doesn't come through on the digital SLR, ask him for a tripod. I got hubby one of those GorillaPod thingies for his birthday. I buy the BEST gifts.

amy h said...

I am done with winter already. Man, I hate the ice. If we lose power, I'm going to be pissed. I have been diligently making double batches of meals and freezing them... I suppose I could eat about ten servings of curry and beef vegetable stew right NOW...

Alicia A. said...

good luck tonight. sounds like we'll all need it.

man, if the wind blows hard, our power goes out, so I'm dreading this too.

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Magical CAT POO???? OMG this story just keeps getting better and better! whew! AND the abominal snowman...You're so fucking brilliant!!

Good luck with the ice! I'll blow some warm Texas air up that direction, kay?

Stacy said...

...didn't I mention that this type of photo is very hard?? wink, wink! (you should see the turd shots we took this weekend - following all those "practice" shots I took!!)

But, at least you'll have something to play around with when we're all encased in our homes due to the ice storm.

(here's to another - why the hell did I move back from California???)

Anonymous said...

I suppose now would not be the ideal time to comment about our streak of 70+ temps ...

I like the pic of you. Looks like you've recovered nicely from the bad hair don't. And I've got a lovely used Rebel XT dSLR I'm trying to unload ... er, find a new home for, if you know anyone who's interested.

Mary @ Confessions of a Craft Addict

Anonymous said...

The story just gets more and more intriguing! I wasn't in town for the last big ice storm. I'm really hoping we don't have a power outage, as he have a TON of frozen meat downstairs. I will be very unhappy if it all goes bad.

nuttnbunny said...

Ice storm! Jeez!

At least your curtains still look totally rockin.

Chickenbells said...

DAMN...that abominable snowman has a damned nice hat!

Oh...I wish I was there...I love a good storm. We wuss out here in AZ though...and I too would be in big trouble if the power went out...I have no fireplace...and the heater is gas, but don't you need electricity for it to work? See? I have NO idea...That's why I'm dating a man with a propane heater...of course that may have some sort of electric thing too...


Mia said...

oh girl.. you need some h.e.l.p. ::laughing::

Nice pic, and cool curtains!

Anonymous said...

Is it totally selfish to hope that your power doesn't go off so we don't miss out on Advent Adventures?

Here is to electricity for everyone!


Lala said...

Be Safe and hopefully the ice be gone soon!!! No electricity is one thing that will completely send me over the edge... after about 3 minutes I'm into a full blown anxiety attack!!! LOL

Have you tried the MACRO setting on your camera? Just a thought... I'd LOVE a new camera too... it's on the list... LOL

I'm lost in the "saga"... have read and reread... but love it none the less


Lala :o)

lera said...

1 - I share your same camera concerns.

2 - Dial-up still does exist. Joe finally talked his parents into getting DSL. AND they still use an "instant" 35-mm camera, which we bought them 10+ years ago to "upgrade" them from their 126 camera. (Even though they bought a digital for an Alaskan cruise 3 1/2 yrs. ago. They don't use that.)

Angelina said...

I love the picture of you.

I don't want to lose power here and I don't want you to lose power but even so, I have to admit to being jealous of your ice-rain. Yes, I'm serious.

LLA said...

I hope that the worst of the storms are over, and that you are safe, healthy, warm and with power....

And, oh yeah - the "magic kitty poop" made me laugh so hard, I think I hurt something...

LJ said...

i go away a few days and the world goes all crazy! good luck with getting everything back to normal again. look at the bright side...your electric bill will be lower this month!

futuregirl said...

Well, aren't you just the bee's knees. What a cutie pie. How could anything bad ever happen to anyone as adorable as you. :) Stay warm ... hope the power stays on for you.