Friday, December 07, 2007

There is No Sense in Pretendin', Your Eyes Give You Away

"So, sweetheart, what do you say we got get us a little snack..."

"Oh yes, that sounds lovely!"

"How does tea and crumpets sound?"


"Oh... look at that... you even have a flashing light pointing to it."

"Yeah, doll, anything for you..."

"And look at that... your tea set looks just like mine..."

"Oh shit! I gotta get out of here"! POOF!

"Now how do I work this thing? Damn it. It's been so long since I've had to call my authorities..."

"Ten-four, Slasher, I've got a visual on the crazy bitch with silver lips..."


Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Wait...was that a trap? Or is JimBob gay?

Chickenbells said...

Oh...tea and crumpets sound good...

Gina Perry said...

hahaha.... i've been wondering about those silver lips. she's very like, 90's rave fairy isn't she?

Penny said...

Your advent calendars are way cooler than ours. You've got flames and a little pink tart!

Yesterday we got a scarf to put around the lumpen Playmobil girl's neck. It's just not fair.

Unknown said...

Your legos go a long way to cheer me! Just another silver-lipped crazy lady.

dee said...

ok, its the freaky silver lips that scare me.