Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's the Deal With My Brain? Why Am I So Obviously Insane?

"How much do one of those new cord thingies cost and what are they called?"

"I don't know."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW?! That's your job in our relationship, to know the technical stuff."

"Laura, I'm sure the cord is somewhere in the house, I can find it."

"If you can find it, you should have FOUND IT ALREADY."

"Jesus, woman. What's the rush?"

"I have pictures to download!"


"And I need to take more pictures..."


"So the internet can tell me how to price the stuff for the yard sale."


Okay, let's get started anyway...

I'm sorting children's clothing by size, in boxes (not folded, bad Laura)... how should I price it? (Most of it is made by Carters)

I also have a light blue bumper pad for the crib (also made by Carter's), never used but washed. What should I price it?

I also have about 20 (at least) holiday tins to use for baking. They are clean, but used... 50 cents each? What? Please tell me, oh wise internet.

And that's just the beginning...


... and a King-sized down-filled light brown comforter (new, but out of packaging). Price?


Should I make a pricing sheet, like 25 cents for plain onsies, a buck for "outfit" onsies, three bucks for jeans, 1.50 for sweats... what? HELP ME, INTERNET, HELP ME!


The hardware store didn't have any yard sale signs, so AARON'S JUST GONNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH GARAGE SALE SIGNS.

And I totally need to do something to the two dollar apron thing I got...


What am I suppose to price the blue lay-z-boy? How about the glass-top octagon table with four matching chairs? Anyone? Anyone?


Okay.... old computers (if I can convince Aaron to GET RID OF THEM ALREADY)... price? Price? One dalla? One dalla?



This whole "garage sale thing" is STARTING TO OVERWHELM ME.


I think this may be the most awesomest thing ever.


"Laura, why are you asking the internet for pricing advice without pictures? You need to be taking pictures of everything and then asking them."



PamKittyMorning said...

So funny... But seriously, he needs to find that now. I'm busy, or I'd come and find it myself.

Anonymous said...

Obviously he doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. You HAVE to have your freakin' cord!

Anonymous said...

Geez, Laura! I'll loan you my cord on Sunday if you still haven't found yours yet. I just stick the card into the card reader, so I don't use the cord. Why is it that men just don't undertand the importance of pictures? I thought THEY were the ones that were "visual" - thus the justification for porn.

And as for pricing - beats the hell out of me. This is (partly) why I haven't had my own garage sale. I do know my mom bought Eliot a windbreaker last week at a garage sale for a quarter. She talked them down from 50 cents. :)

Anonymous said...

Uh, uh, I'm just guessing here... $20 on the comforter? $40 on the chair? The clothes prices sound good. Uh, $5 on the bumper? Email Estea, she just made a killing at her impromptu yard sale!

I have a "for sale by owner" sign you could cover with paper. Wanna borrow? I can drop it by today.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I hate it when I can't find the techmology I need.

I am the worst garage saler in history. I priced really good quality, barely used baby clothes between $1 and $2... none of it sold, everyone wanted it basically for free.

I think the most you can sell something is about 1/3 of its original cost, and most people won't spend that much. I held my ground and eventually sold the packnplay, carseat, crib and mattress for the set price.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have no idea on the prices. I just don't go to garage sales enough to know. Ask Estea!

I know at the thrift store, I'll pay $2-$3 for baby clothes, like a sweater or a pair of overalls.

I think a price card is a good idea. Then you don't have to mark each piece and it will be easy to mark stuff down if no one buys.

Anonymous said...

AH! I DON"T KNOW!?!?!?
I like the price poster...that sounds easy enough...people will still ask, "how much for this?" though. You KNOW they will.
Go cheap on the clothes, or they won't sell. The other stuff I'd say go with Alicia's figures but be willing to lower it if someone seems interested.
By the end of the day you'll just want everyone to take the stuff off of your hands anyway.

Anonymous said...

You are cracking me up! I wish I were there to help you with the sale, I love putting together garage sales!!! I know...Im a dork. But I was always told 1/3 of the original price...does that help???

Anonymous said...

We've had a garage sale (just one) and found that we could get much more $$ by donating to goodwill and getting the tax write off. Someone might buy a used onsie for 25 cents, but it counts for a couple dollars if you donate it.

That said, people at garage sales want everything cheap, cheap, cheap, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

garage sale? I LOVE garage sales. Because after all, I don't have near enough CRAP in my house. LOL. Hope you find your cord. Oh, and you will usually make more $ selling your crap on Ebay than a garage sale. But it's tiem consuming. And oh yeah, you can't download pictures!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know how amusing I found this post. Really, and the comments too.

I had one yard sale, garage sale, heck flea market, tag sale even, and did pretty well, but I found I'd rather price everything....almost everything, so that people wouldn't keep asking, and then see their reaction when it was too much. You can always "Mahk em down", so don't go too low on the furniture stuff, and people will HAGGLE. If it is not too late, maybe try bundling the clothes, like 10 onesies for $5, or a shirt and overalls for $5.

Good luck.