Friday, October 20, 2006

If You Talk Too Much My Head Will Explode

First of all -- just a little clarification from yesterday, I did not leave my children unattended for three and a half hours. I'm not retarded, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

I'm not going to defend myself and my writing on my own blog, but I must say that person* got my panties in a knot with the sheer notion that I neglected my kids.

But then I got really excited -- my first piece of hate mail! FINALLY! It's about damn time, isn't it? It took well over a year. It makes me almost want to send them a gift, I'm so happy.

I'm still running a fever, but it's down to a much healthier 101.6. And now my nose is dripping (I think it's having a contest with the bathroom sink).

Both boys are coughing and I've had to shove their lungs back in on more than one occasion.

(You're a horrible mom! They need to have their lungs surgically placed back!)

Today is Friday, which means Work In Progress. Um, yeah. Between the garage sale last week and The Flu That Has Made Me The "Worst Mom EVER" (does that mean I get a trophy? I've never received a trophy before and I so desperately want one), not much creativity has been happenin' around here.

But the boys and I did manage to make some Halloween garlands...



Aaron should come home tonight, but his plane doesn't land until 11 p.m. And I'm making an appointment to go to my alternative doctor and get an I.V. bag tomorrow.

Which makes me so seriously excited. The I.V. bags knock the shit out of you... they have something like 1,000 time your daily allotment of vitamin C and other nutrients and it really helps me get over crap faster.

I've had a lot of people comment about how sick we get. Yeah, we get sick a lot. Back in the spring the boys and I had a blood test to see how our immune systems were functioning and all three were way below normal. On May 1st, I got the immune booster shot, to test it out, and had an allergic reaction to it, so the boys will not get it.

Believe it or not, I'm not as sick as I could be, so that shot is working.

But yes, we get sick a lot. It's part of our charm.

* Edited to add: I received an email, not in comments. Sorry for any confusion.


Chickenbells said...

I've never heard of the IV bag...ususally I take EmergencyC until I get runny from everywhere on my body (ewwww)
I'm really wondering what the trophy for worst mom of the year would look like? Perhaps something with Ziggy on it, or those weird figures from the 70's with all the flourescent colors? They seemed to make a lot of weird trophies then. hmmmm....I hope youre all feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that the Worst Mom Ever award would look like a satirical version of one of those cutesy Hummels or Precious Moments, with a mother wearing something skimpy and inappropriate swigging whiskey and posting on the Internet while her children (dressed in rags) crawl around under her desk looking for crumbs of food. (Or in my case, tear the rest of the house apart.)

Good luck with the IV bag. I hope it boosts your immunity fast!

PamKittyMorning said...

I suppose you're not kidding about the hate mail. Man some people are just out. of. control. But yeah, I've had to stick my kids and my own lung back in, chopsticks my friend.. that's the real answer. Just incase you didn't know that. Maybe a tinker toy. If they still make those.

Hope you guys feel better soon. And some other people should get a freaking life. Good grief.

PamKittyMorning said...

OH! and since you got your hate mail that must mean your internet stalker is right around the corner!

lera said...

you bad, bad mom! just joking.

comments like those are just hurtful and malicious. if people can't be nice, they shouldn't make comments. you can't take back your comments and hurtful words. and you can't tell someone's tone when it's in writing.

ignore the comments. we've all been sick moms before. it's not easy, but not everyone has the luxury of getting help. those of us fortunate enough to have help available (like me) are usually too afraid to ask for help!!! :-)

i had something "witty" to say, but i forgot. dang short-term memory.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you must be a horrible mother... an ANONYMOUS commenter implied it was so. Being ANONYMOUS carries so much more weight than being known and respected for your opinions (or not so respected). ANON commenters are the equivalent of crank calls... ignore them.

And DANG! I envy you your hate mail... you know you are getting more traffic when that happens.

Oh, btw, duct tape by itself is ok but works much better in conjunction with velcro and a locked closet.

Just Kidding, ANONYMOUS commenters!!! (I felt the need to spell that out;0)

Anonymous said...

Um, wow.

I never meant my comment to be hate mail but I assume that you are speaking about me.

In reading your blog, I took the post to be a literal thing. That you actually passed out for 3.5 hours and the children finally woke you. I was going to suggest medical attention because I thought that sounded pretty scary. You and your children have some severe allergies and medical conditions. I thought you meant that you passed out/fainted.

I read that Aaron was out of town. I didn't assume you had someone there to help you when you were sick as you are so often by yourself.....

I honestly didn't mean it as a horrid mother thing. I guess I can see how it could have been interpreted that way, but it definitely wasn't what a I meant.

I'm sorry I commented and will not read your blog again. The last thing I wanted was to upset you. I have enjoyed reading your blog and have commented before. I am a stranger and had linked into your blog from someone else who was enjoying it. I actually went and read your blog from the beginning to be able to understand everything.... In case you want to try to "identify" me, I'm currently located in the Netherlands Antilles.

For those who have also commented, I do not sign in as I do not have a blog page to link to that is of any interest to anyone. It is only to update immediate family while we are abroad. I was not trying to be secretive, mean spirited or cruel.

Again, my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Oh schnap.

Anonymous said...

AND...glad you're feeling a bit better and good luck with that freaky iv thingie. ah!
me likey your garlands...are they foam or paper? Inquiring minds.
Take it easy this weekend lady. ;-)

laura capello said...


You all have got a sista's back.

Actually, the hate mail I was referring to was from an email that I deleted as soon as I read it. I was called "The Worst Mother EVER" as well as a few other things.

As for the anonymous person's comment, I could understand why someone whould think what she said based on how I phrased things in my fevered post yesterday. I never took her (his?) comment as being in anyway mean or rude.

Anonymous said...

get the IV bag!!!! You know it will work. Congrats on the hate mail! it seemed to be a bright spot for you! Way to go. I have a trophy, but it got broken last year by Katrina (I think she is a *&^%%_) for taking all our things.. but that is a whole 'nother drama! I will take a picture of it and send it to you, it should totally make you feel better!!!!!
Get well!

Anonymous said...

Crap. Now I feel bad... hanging my head in shame... I am sorry Antilles, Netherlands! I guess I feel really sensitive because I get negative comments on my parenting (not on my blog fortunately).

BTW, if you don't have a blog, you can still sign in using a name if you click on 'other'.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good grief! I spend the afternoon away from the computer and look what I miss! Drama! Hate mail? Seriously?!

Come back, Netherlands Antilles, come back...

Really, I hope you're feeling better soon. (and you know you're a good mom.)

kirsten said...

Yeah, come back Netherlands Antilles!! It wasn't you we were all bitching about!!

Anyway, Capello, you can't have The World's Worst Mother Award all to yourself. It's a SHARE award and there is a back-logged queue of at least 4 000 000 mothers waiting for their turn (I'm Number 3756297).

But I've heard that the Meanest Nastiest Fever-Brain-Addled Blogger Award has a much shorter line (and it's moving faster!).

Kim -today's creative blog said...

The worst mother wouldn't make halloween piss on em!
I've never heard of an IV bag either. I also take the EmergenC stuff. Not sure if it helps, but I like to think so.
What? Someone pointed out that you get sick alot........gee, I bet you didn't even know that until they brought it to your attention. GEEEEsh.
It's called having little kids in the house.

Anonymous said...

You got hate email! I've been blogging for almost 2 years and the best I ever managed was an inflamatory comment. Wow, hats off to you :-)

I totally swept on the Worst Mom Ever award when I locked my newborn in the car with a ripe diaper in the heat and watched her scream her head off unable to do anything to fix it. So don't worry- I already took that title lol!

Leah said...

Happy to hear hubby's coming back - share the charm around :)

and cute garlands!

Anonymous said...

A little drama here, I see! You, the worst mother ever? Someone doesn't get out much, I guess.

Anyway, I hope the IV bag works for you. I'm glad the fever is down at least! This does not bode well for flu season.

patrice said...

I'm in sick-land too, so you are not alone in it all. Although, yours seems funnier than mine. All I want to do is sleep when I'm sick. Right! Here's to stronger immune systems. Also, I like the decorations. We're decorated too, I just haven't snapped any pics. Thanks for visiting me...I love knowing you're stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Sorry can't comment at the minute as I'm sucking a hydrocortisone tablet to get rid of the humungous mouth ulcers I got as a result of an allergy to the oral thrush medication the doc prescribed!Oh yeh I'm so healthy too!Must go as I think the kids are revolting (in more ways than one)Bad mum aswell!
I think I would cry if I got hatemail though so I must be a whuss!

Toni said...

Hope you get well sooooon! Dang. Being sick is a major drag. I was just researching the benefits of oregano oil--have you checked that out? Sounds like a definite winner.