Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Have I, What Have I, What Have I Done to Deserve This?

My boys (and when I say "my boys," I mean all three of them) are going apeshit over the new legos I got off ebay.

And when I say "apeshit" I mean they are Freaking Out Because They Are in Love.

And just so everyone knows -- yes, those legos had to go through the dishwasher and get sanitized. Allergies are a big ole pain in the ass.

And just so everyone knows -- yes, I got the dishwasher repairman's permission to take his photo. But since I didn't show his face, I did not need his permission to post it on the web.

Sometimes, having a Journalism degree and knowing all the "rules" work out really well in my benefit.

This is for Lori, who demanded insisted on seeing the fabric I got at Sarah's this weekend.

Just a bunch of 30's reproduction fat quarters for a big thank you project I'm working on. I was thinking it might take me two weeks before I reveal it and, well, it might just take longer.

In any case, I don't want people to think I've forgotten... it's just taking time. (Oh, time, how you toy with my life.)

I've been getting a few inquiries as to how the gluten-free cookbook is coming along... it's coming along s l o w l y.

I actually didn't expect it to be this slow, but then again I didn't expect Aaron to be out of town for a month at a time and for me to break my foot.

I've been researching on how to find a publisher and agent (if I even need an agent for the first book); I've been trying to get three recipes a week for the cookbook. I've outlined the information I want to include and I've been working on the research and medical facts to back it up.

I just didn't expect it to be so damn s l o w.

We've also been busy dealing with Aaron's ill grandma and trying (trying) to reschedule our cancelled 4th of July trip to Michigan. It looks like we are going in two weeks regardless if Aaron's going with us or not. ::gulp:: Um, yeah, I'm really panicking over the concept of taking a 750 mile roadtrip with the boys by myself, driving overnight. So let's hope Aaron can go with us. Mmmkay?

And for those of you who wonder how I find out the google searches, at the bottom of my pages is a little multi-colored square. It's a free sitemeter. Click on it and follow the instructions to get one for yourself. Once you get one, you can view where in the world people are view from, how long they are on, the referring links that brought them to your site and outclicks. Super-cool.

And since I don't have an internet stalker (which, seriously, where's my internet stalker?), I watch where people are from who are coming to visit me. Kinda reverse-stalking, if you will.


Anonymous said...

Cool legos! Cool fabric! And very cool site meter! Which creeps me out a bit....

Anonymous said...

My husband is practically counting the days until someone here is old enough not to choke on real Legos. Duplos are no fun apparently. And we have to go to the robotic Lego display every time we go to Target.

I do the reverse stalking, too. I like to watch my relatives sit there and read my entire archive for the fifth time.

Anonymous said...

yeah, well those are freakin' cool legos! Prehistoric? Very groovy. I gotta get some of those goodies soon.
Me likey all your fabric. Very prety.

Driving to Mich. alone. Hell no. Dear sweet woman, no.

Anonymous said...

very prety? PRETTY.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take that trip alone. Hell no.

Um, (positive voice) so good luck if you do it. Smile.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are cool Legos. My kids would go nuts over them too. Me, I would go nuts if I tried to take two small children to Michigan alone. But that's just me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen those Dino duplo thingies before, and believe me, there's not much lego stuff which passes us by. The lego catalogue is nightly reading material in this household. Sort of kid porn.

LLA said...

pretty fabric = cool

Prehistoric Lego = v. cool

Driving 750 miles to visit inlaws all by self with two small boys to wrangle = so incredibly not cool that there are not sufficent words to describe the horror.

Just my two cents, though!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Waving from Camas Washington!!! Hi, over here!
So cool, I'm gonna add that to my blog.

kirsten said...

17 yr old son says, "I want to see the lego!!" and "Easiest way to get a stalker is to frequent dating sites". Those two statements together pretty much sum up what it means to be a teenager, don't ya think?

PamKittyMorning said...

So first off thanks for the site meter info!!! Sorry about your lack of stalker. If it turns out I have a stalker, I won't rub it in ok? Second, LOVE the fabric, thirties are really my favorite. What are you making with that? Or was that the secret, sorry, I have short term memory issues. And thirdly, about the drive, I am so going to miss you.

PamKittyMorning said...

Wow, now that I have a site meter I'm freaked about how many times I check everyone elses site. I just hope someone googles something that will show up somewhere on that site meter now. You know you'll always win on that count.. tonsil cheese.

Anonymous said...

In our family, its ME that loves Legos. So that would be me an the boys playing with those cool Legos you got. I've gotten some off of Ebay as well - some tracks that a car ride on - very cool.

Wordpress comes with it's own stats pages - very addicting - mostly because it's a lot easier to read than the site meter I used to have on Blogger.

Marshamlow said...

I love the fabric and the legos. My eldest just passed down her legos, previously we were only using duplo blocks, anyways, I forgot what it was like to step on one of those suckers, it has been awhile.

Anonymous said...

I love the 30's reproduction fabrics. I'm definitely picturing a great quilt with those.

I don't think I could make a 750 mile trip sans husband to help with our one kiddo. I hope you don't have to do it with 3, but more power to you if you do.

Off to do some reverse stalking!

Anonymous said...

LOL - reverse stalking. Groovin on the legos. My DD would LOVE them too - especially since dinosaurs and giraffes are involved.

Anonymous said...

Those do look like some fun boy toys. It could be worse!! (It probably will be, soon.) David got an airplane one last winter to play with Bea but of course, he doesn't let her play with it.

No - won't look at my site meter -- too freaky.

Anonymous said...

o man that campfire is awesome.

hey, whaddya mean? i'm totally stalking you!

great fabric - why have I not been to Sarah's? hmmm

Kate said...

Great lego - can't wait till we are at the little lego stage. Wonderful fabrics!

Soo said...

Love the fabrics! So pretty and can't wait to see what you make out of them!

diana said...

cute fabric...cute new toys...sounds like you are making progress on the cookbook... and I hope... no really HOPE that you dont drive that far with 2 boys by yourself... my fingers are crossed on this one for ya.