Wednesday, August 09, 2006

She Blinded Me with Science (Science!)

As I've said many times before... Aaron and I are just two nerds raising two more nerds.

In case you haven't noticed, I even have a badge of honor (for I am a Supreme Nerd! Supreme Nerd!) underneath my blogroll over there on the right.

Like all other people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (although he'll never admit it), Aaron goes through these phases of deep research and information gathering about one topic. Over the years, it is just getting worse and worse.

The point of no return began with the Democratic party starting to pick out its candidate for the 2004 election. For two years, he lived, breathed, ate and slept politics.

Now I love my politics too, and quite possibly more than your average American. But Aaron took it to the extreme -- just like he takes it all to the extreme.

Once he got over his political rampages, he moved on to being obsessed with the Freemasons. Of course, it was easy to switch topics since Aaron is loves conspiracy theories, and there are many people who believe that the Freemasons have a secret (or not-so-secret) hand in how our government works. Just in the past two months, his Freemason obsession has cooled down and has turned to obsessing with pyramids. Of course, this isn't a surprise either, more of a natural evolution, considering all the Freemason symbolism of "the all-seeing eye" in the pyramid.

In all of his research of pyramids, Aaron has re-discovered the Golden Ratio. Hence, our new obsession.

[And if you're wondering where the fuck this is all going any why you need to know this information, it will be disclosed to you very shortly.]

The Golden Ratio is basically a ratio that is not only pleasing to the human eye, but balanced in design. It has been used for thousands of years including the design of the Parthenon and the Pyramid of Giza. For two-dimensional pieces of art, it is called "the rule of thirds" and is evident in paintings, such as the Mona Lisa.

As crafters and artists, I'm quite certain we have all heard of the rule of thirds, the eye-appealing symmetry of it all. But the Golden Ratio (1:1.618033989) is evident in nearly all aspects of our lives, without us even necessarily noticing it.

Credit cards, tables and even...

... legos use the Golden Ratio in their design.

**edited to add: assuming the verticle side of the lego is equal to 1, the horizontal side of the lego is equal to 1.618; of course, the Golden Ratio does not come into play on the length (in this case, depth) of the lego.

So, the next time you create -- whether it be taking a picture, scrapbooking or designing a quilt -- you will likely be using the Golden Ratio without necessarily realizing it.

Okay, class dismissed.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you're all a bunch of nuts. In a good way. 8-)
Rule of thirds was one of the first things I learned in photography. Good stuff. Good post.
I had a pyramid thing for awhile. I can relate. Have you all watched that building the pyramids NOVA special? errrr, um...or was that just me?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my god! Aaron and Tim need to get together.

LLA said...

I've been schooled....

Your post ties in nicely with the book that I'm currently reading - PopCo by Scarlett Thomas. I'm about halfway in , but am enjoying it. All about maths, and codes, and the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers...

Anonymous said...

LOL - I am the same way and I too LOVE a good conspiracy theory. Have him research "project cloverleaf" (that will really piss him off) and I have a whole entire folder full of nanotechnology information so that when the computers take over the world I can say "told you so." ;-)

kirsten said...

One day we will take over the world and all will submit to our Nerdish Ways! And we will cry, "Hail, King Aaron! Build us a lego pyramid that we may worship with thee!"

um, excuse me...we are nerds here too.

Lyn said...

You gave me a headache. I need to go take some Advil!

Ha! Just kidding.....kinda.

Anonymous said...

Nerds over here too. The passionately researching one thing for awhile, then switching to another obsession ... that can be an ADD trait, too. These are good times for nerds who like politics and conspiracy theories. There's just so much to work with now. I'd tell you more, but then I might have to kill you.... ;)

Kim said...

Being a straight-A student mixed w/ my fields of study meant I didn't just go for the A's, I needed to WHY and HOW I got there. So, Ms. Capello, if you please: I have dutifully linked to the Golden Ration (of which I'd never before been privy) and understand Wiki's explanation. But please to explain further... How does the lego fit the ratio. IOW, what part of the lego is "the entire line," or A, and what parts are the parts (A and B.)

I truly am interested, if you have the energy to teach more.

Oh, and the Law of Threes applies to much of Witch Craft (as opposed to Good w/ a Sewing Machine Craft), as well.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Oh these things do so run in families...

My cute little sister has her version of the golden ration tattooed on her foot..
An extreme nerd... with art school penchant for drama.

Passing nerd-dom to the net generation?
My son went as Captain Kirk for Halloween in first grade even though no one else in his class even knew who Captain Kirk was..

However on the test I only qualified for "wannabe nerd.." How nerdy is that?

Anonymous said...

David is so obsessed with conspiracy theories. Obsessed. He CANNOT turn away from an alien cover-up conspiracy show on TV. Area 51 or whatever it is called... Roswell... on and on and on.

He HATES politics though - as do I and we pay as absolute little attention as possible. We do indeed believe it is all bunk.

Hmm. Long comment. Can you tell how well I am doing on this blog break -- now I am just writing my blog in your comments instead. Sorry, I'll go.

Anonymous said...

we love nerds and others with ocd...from our family to yours :)

speaking of captian kirk, my husband dressed as a vulcan one halloween. yes, he was a 35 year-old banker. he still gets teased. this has taught him a lesson, we keep his nerd/dork side a secret. it was so much fun making his outfit and ears though. gold rick-rack was easy to find.

Mia said...

Yeah.. I'll be sure to check out that golden ratio thing when I get to Egypt *grin*