Friday, August 04, 2006

Put Me in the Hospital for Nerves and Then They Had to Commit Me, You Told Them All I Was Crazy. They Cut Off My Leg, Now I'm an Amputee God Damn You.

Oh internet, how I love thee.

I love the for thy free Hexic. I love thee for thy free alternative rock streaming live.

I love thee for thy information on Darwin's polka-dot rash. (Although I do love the dermatologist more for thy miracle cream.)

I love thee for encouraging Aaron's masonic symbolism obsession. (Actually? Notsomuch.)

Thy internets is good.


Anonymous said...

darnit, i had just about conquered my Bejeweled obsession. now there's this new game i have to try.

cool masonic temple. order of the Ancient Hibernians???


Anonymous said...

Ewwww! I just ate and now I'm looking at rash photos. Ewwww! Thanks for sharing!

Ali said...

Poor itchy boy.

Anonymous said...

The "boys" look so pleased with their work. I can't believe they built that monumental structure in this heat! 8-)
Scary looking rash! ah!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! An all-seeing eye made out of Legos! If he can make the Eye of Sauron too, I'll really be impresssed.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! that rash looks horrible!!!!!! does it itch or irritate him? poor little guy!!

Anonymous said...

Eeeeew. That is bad. Poor thing.

laura capello said...

You all cracking me up over "oh that looks awful" comments.

It actually looks good in that photo.

It's nearly gone. I heart steroid cream. So does Darwin.

Anonymous said...

so... he should stop shaving? Is that the gist of the article?

I'm glad the dermatologist was able to provide something useful!

Masonic lodge symbolism... hmmm. There is a masonic lodge in this podunk town that I live in and it doesn't really look like Jason's. Much less colorful I think ;)

Kim said...

You're not really scared of the Masons, are you?
The funniest sites are the ones that try to pin them to Witchcraft and... well... you know how we witches feel about our stereotypes. I don't mind, though. Family/friend connections notwithstanding, groups with secrets that make people nervous are fun!!
Oh - but they don't acept people w/ dermatological rashes.

Anonymous said...

yeah eww on the rash - I'm not good with rashes, or pain, or blood, okay I'm just soft really!

kirsten said...

Couldn't you have fun inventing intitiation rituals to try out on each other?? (maybe get that dominatrix boot back out!)

patrice said...

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