Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We'll Run Away Together, We'll Spend Some Time Forever, We'll Never Feel Bad Anymore

Apparently, I have nothing to talk about other than my broken foot.

So, broken foot it is!


I'm very tired of having a broken foot.

I've had enough, thank you very much. May I magically be healed and walk now?


Pretty please?

With a cherry on top?

Tomorrow is my last day to have my cousin's help with the boys. Tomorrow I am going to a Podiatrist (that's fancy-pants for "foot doctor") for a second opinion.

I've been having more problems than I've discussed here, including muscle spasms, nerve problems, numbness and un-managed pain. Both the spasms and painful numbness and have started to get better in the past few days, which likely means I've damaged some nerves in my foot and they are dying. The numbness is still there, it just doesn't hurt as much.

I have no clue what the fancy-pants doctor is going to do tomorrow, other than review my files and x-rays. I'm hoping for a new contraption on my foot and permission to start doing stuff because sitting on my ass all the time is getting old, and I no longer can rely on friends and family to provide around the clock support (although as much support as you all can provide is greatly appreciated).

The thing that is pissing me off the most -- more than sitting on my ass all the time -- is everyone's damned opinions that I need to follow doctor's orders and not do anything at all costs yet everyone's inability to help to make following the doctor's orders a possibility.

So if the doctor says I can do stuff, it would be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

If the doctor says I still need to sit around and not do anything for the next four weeks, she might as well put me into a medicated coma. Because that's the only way to insure that my children will be taken fully care of without having me do it.

Do you have the impression that I'm in a rather pissy mood?

Because I am.



Pissy McPisserson.

Pissy Pissy Princess.

Of course, the pissiness is not helped by the card my insane Grandmother sent me today.

Yes, I just called my Grandma insane.

No, I'm not kidding.

There's a reason why we call her "Granny Crazy."

She wrote a huge shpeal in the card about my mom (who died of leukemia when I was four; she knew she had it and refused treatment because "God needed her in heaven more than she was needed on Earth") and how in her last few days she had to walk with two canes and how proud she was about her self for walking and how I should just walk and the Lord Jesus Christ would bestow such blessings upon me if I would just walk I could enjoy my last few days on the earth.

Obviously, Granny Crazy thinks a broken foot is going to kill me.

So, thanks.

Because that's just what I need to hear right now.


Kim -today's creative blog said...

Oh My GOD! That is a crazy Granny! So sorry about your mom.
Hopefully the Dr will give you some much needed direction. You have every right to be pissy. I can't imagine not being able to take care of my son. I wish I could help, wish I had the right words. Hang in there girlfriend.

Kim said...

I am crazy, Granny's crazy, woulnd't you like to be some crazy, too?

I don't blame you, for the mood - I get mad for you, just thinking about it.

Besides, Jesus could walk on water, or so the story goes, but a dr. says you can't walk at all (as does the pain) so Granny's really comparing apples and oranges, here.

Tom said...

I agree with Granny Crazy. I think you should strip off the foot contraption and just walk already. No, RUN to Jesus! Seriously, though, I hope she's wrong about the foot injury being fatal. That'd suck. But hang in there GF. I hope things get better.

Anonymous said...

go ahead, piss all you want, and more! how frustrating you must feel! if you can hop on a plane alone, come over for a visit. we'll take care of you. i worry that you'll soon say aaron has to go out of town.

Ali said...

I think I might just have gnawed off my own leg and got hopping by now. The medicated coma is also sounding a good option.

Love your Crazy Granny - I think you could make good money from setting her up as a motivation coach.

Anonymous said...

i can't stop laughing about your crazy Granny. when your foot is healed and you are still alive will she tout it as a miracle?! :)

kirsten said...

Hey there, Pissy! I can't believe it - I just got back from holidays, 652 posts to read and N0. 231 is you seriously incapacitating yourself! You sure did a good job. Sending h e a l i n g vibes your way...

Anonymous said...

Your last few days on Earth??? I hope Granny Crazy doesn't try to cheer you up again for awhile!

Good luck with the new foot doctor. I hope you get some answers, and some relief. See you soon...

Anonymous said...

WHOA! Granny Crazy for sure!You should put that quote on one of those corny motivational office posters! It'll really lift your spirits. Have faith my child. 8-P
I hope fancy pants dr. tells you something nice. I sent him a check to make sure he says something nice, in fact.
You wanna come live with me for the summer? I'll park you on the beach and we'll let the kiddies run wild.

Anonymous said...

Breathe deeply. You can handle this. Yes, this too. It is totally sucky though so feel free to pissy blog all you want! Good luck at the doctor. I hope he tells you something you want to hear.

laeroport said...
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laeroport said...

Grrr... I hope doctor fancy pants gives you some good news. And from now on, perhaps you should just toss Granny's letters BEFORE you open them. And in my own attempt to feel just a little bit of your pain, I dropped my (belly dance) sword on my foot last night. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be over tomorrow. The kids will run wild, but at least I can fetch them if they climb up something high!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you aren't getting a lot of help. (I remember that feeling when I was on bedrest not too long ago!) I was grateful for what I received, but I certainly did not "rest" much, nor did I stay in bed.

I can only imagine how miserable you must be. (I just read your "good" news from today's post, so congrats on that!) Now -- get up and get to work. :-)