Wednesday, October 17, 2012

if it wasn't for bad luck, i wouldn't have no luck at all

The past week has just been downright comical around here, between a broken dryer for days-on-end (16 days, to be exact) and then once it was broken our basement flooded. Ahem.

The cause? Oh, you know. The service guy doing something he shouldn't. Then he tried to fix it by pouring a chemical down the drain. And left without saying anything to me.

Like I said, comical.

That was last week. The plumbing is fixed. The damage is not.

I decided, since nearly everything is dirty, I might as well take this opportunity to do the great seasonal laundry shuffle. I'm nearly done. After a week. I know, comical.

Now, Aaron's talking about his upcoming three trips (two to Canada) and mixing goodness-knows-what in the kitchen to make himself feel better (lettuce smoothies with water, anyone?); Griffin has some viral coughy-lung thing that could turn into bronchitis, and Emery is puking at least three times a day. Comical.

Darwin and I are trying to keep everyone at an arm's distance. We don't want any of their germy stuff. Please and thank you.

 Yeah, this has nothing to do with the post - but look at that smile!

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