Tuesday, October 02, 2012

and so peacful until...

I'm on day nine of a broken dryer (heats, but doesn't tumble; makes a horrible mouse-squeaky-death sound). We had an appointment today to get it fixed.

At first he said he unplugged it and it's fine. But then he went ahead and checked it, the belt is about the snap and idler (I pinky-promise that's what it was called) was about to go out. He picked up the parts and fixed it.

Then, of course, he discovered  part, that ties into the motor, that just idly spinning, and it's a fire hazard. Seven days to get that part in. Seven days.

Dear dryer, you are not funny. Dear warranty-holder of dryer, as you certain that's the best you could do?

I will be having a date with the laundromat soon. A date, not a double date.

(Toddlers in laundromats are no fun, I've already tried.)

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