Friday, October 05, 2012

Drank a cup of coffee and she'd fold her laundry

Autumn finally arrived to Kansas. The furnace is on, slippers on are feet, cardigans pulled out and being worn.

Emery is enamoured with trucks, trains, airplanes, basically anything that goes. A helicopter was flying over when we arrived at the grocery store this morning. "MA!" Points, grunts. "MA!"

"Ah, yes. Do you hear and airplane? Oh, wait. That's a helicopter."





"MA! Ter!"

We'll consider that a win for Mister No Words.

Hopefully Aaron will get home from his trip tomorrow evening, and we can all snuggle in and have some family time together (and not contemplate raking leaves) (hopefully). Happy weekend to you!


amy h said...

I finally gave up the flip-flops this morning. No heat yet, but I bet I'll give in this weekend. Enjoy your weekend with the whole family in one place!

Sarah said...

rI'm jealous of your need for your furnace. I think maybe next week, we will see cold? Not sure.

yay for partial words!