Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Goddamn Those Ideas in Your Head

This morning I woke up crying. Big snot-filled hiccup-y crying with the need to curl up with Aaron.

Because I had a bad dream. A nightmare, actually.

Aaron and I were talking, he was working on a toilet in a room I didn't recognize. We were laughing and getting along and he was talking about how awesome his new girlfriend is.

And me, with my constant strive to be a Grown Up, stated things sounds like they are going so well, they may do the deed soon.

To which he replied, "Oh, we already did. And it was awesome."

Fuck my life.

Just then, his girlfriend called us downstairs (we were in her house, apparently) because she wanted me to help her and her family come up with their Black Friday shopping game-plan.

I oppose Black Friday. I never shop on Black Friday. Unless it's to get a latte.

So she sat me down and wanted to make a list of what they needed to get. And to correlate it to the store's map.

Then, when I was done with said list, she wanted me to decorate it with glitter glue and stickers. Because it needed to be "pretty" she said.

All day I've been upset at the sheer notion that Aaron and I would somehow be divorced and he would be dating someone else. But the fact that happened in my dream and he was dating a chick who shopped on Black Friday and decorated lists with glitter glue and stickers is just beyond comprehensible.

I mean, what the fuck was he thinking? Dating a girl who shops on Black Friday and decorates lists with glitter glue. He must be out of his goddamn mind.



Oh those dreams that seem so real! Over 20 years I have had dreams about conversations and then fought with hubby when he didn't remember those were the good ones. The bad ones he cheated on me or well, you know. Terrible nightmares. Hoping you're feeling better.

Unknown said...

That's super funny. He better watch his back tonight!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly type I'm laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Well I still don't quite forgive my husband for getting my mother run over and killed on the streets of NYC. I was so angry at him when I woke up. That dream was at least 3 years ago.. she's flying in next week to visit...and I am still, however irrational, vaguely annoyed by his carelessness.

PS love your blog.

montague said...

dude. that's the weirdest dream wonder you woke up crying...!
thankfully it was just an awful dream...