Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now You Know, You Got My Back Against the Wall

My dishwasher broke.


An hour after Aaron left on his business trip, it flooded my kitchen. And I mean, it flooded my kitchen.

So I've been doing dishes by hand, which is incredibly difficult considering I eat dairy, the kids are allergic to it, and to eradicate the proteins the water has to be ridiculously hot. Of course, it's never hot enough, so I've crossed my fingers and hope for the best.

Double-hoping the dishwasher repair person gets here soon considering someone should have been here two hours ago.


While we're complaining, my tire is flat and requires constant moderation. The cable box is on the fritz, which wouldn't be a big deal except it causes my boys to whine and I don't handle that well. And I can't seem to be warm in the van - I'm in total denial about potentially needing to have the heater fixed. Goodness.

On the upside, my holiday shopping is nearly complete so now I can focus on wrapping and baking.

Well, baking as soon as the dishwasher is fixed.

Edited to add: Well, nevermind about that holiday baking. They are ordering a new part - a new basin, because ours has a hole in it - and the soonest the dishwasher will be fixed is a week from today. Kenmore hates me.

Additional side note: And the hole isn't anywhere logical, it was a weak part that just wore away. Who else could this possibly happen to other than me? And at a time like this? Geesh.


Angelina said...

I was thinking hand washing isn't so bad (my dishwasher just broke too) but I didn't think about it in terms of dealing with allergies and not getting the boys sick. Man, that really sucks!

amy h said...

Man, no fun! I don't have that excuse for no baking. My excuse is just that there are way too many childrens in here.

Our cable box is getting messed up, too. Maybe it's Time Warner?

My word verification is "facephst." That sounds like a funny curse word for some reason.

Jodi Anderson said...

Ugh, I feel your pain. My husband sometimes works out of town and this kind of stuff ALWAYS happens when he has left. And, Murphy's Law then jumps into the mix and adds something like a blizzard.

My heart goes out to you. I hope things are going smoothly for the holiday season.