Monday, November 30, 2009

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time, Didn't I?

Thanksgiving was fabulous.

gluten-free cheesecake with chocolate glaze & sour raspberry sauce
and the best gluten-free pumpkin pie ever

Kylie waiting for the family walk

family games

I'm certainly having problems accepting it's nearly December. What do you mean I should put my tree up? I've been chastising neighbors and friends for hanging lights and decorating and now I'm expected to participate in that behavior?

Screw that.

Oh wait, I have small kids. Nevermind.


At least there's one thing I'm totally looking forward to (and if you're extremely crafty, please overt your eyes), our Lego Advent Calendar.


But wait! There's more!

Because I'm fanatical (and batshit crazy), I found another set (like last year) that's not available in the States. Unfortunately, calling Lego and promising someone a blow job didn't get me the set (don't you look at me like that, I said I was fanatical) so I made multiple calls and begged and pleaded and then we received a package from our friend in Germany.

Oh, yes he did. He sent us the Pirate Advent Calendar.


I'm hoping to enlist Griffin's and Darwin's imaginations in the story telling this year. So please do brush up on your Star Wars, Pokemon, Bionicle and Bakugan references. You're gonna need 'em.


Keyona said...

I couldn't get past the dogs sweater. How stinkin' cute!

tonkelu said...

I love you for using an NKOTB song as your post title, I hate you for your Advent calendar. These conflicting emotions cancel each other out to make me feel wholly neutral about you, in general.

mamafitz said...

O.M.G.....a PIRATE advent calendar!!!! i cannot wait to see what is in it!

(i think the first one in the regular calendar was kinda lame: come on, a guy throwing a snowball?)

Chickenbells said...

Holy lord. A PIRATE Lego advent calendar (that was imported?!)

It is a Christmas miracle.


kristi said...

I got a pirate advent calendar too... found it on the internets. As always, I kind of wish I'd bought a separate one just for myself.

Theresa said...

I can't wait! I started reading your blog last year when a friend put me onto your Advent Calendar saga. We are big fans of the calendars - my kids have had them for 3 years now. If only I knew you didn't get Pirates in the States. Gosh I would have sent one to you. Let me know next year I usually do a bulk order for everyone. AND isn't the Pirate one just devine. My little boy (8 years) couldn't wait for Dec 1 and everyday he gets up and tells me what day he's up to....he's got that little piece out of the wrapper before he's even been to the toilet!

Theresa said...

Oh I meant DIVINE!

Angelina said...

I've been telling Max about you and your advent calendars ever since he found one at our local toystore- so this year we are going the Lego Advent route right along with you! Like a dream come true!