Wednesday, November 04, 2009

If You'll be My BodyGuard, I Can be Your Long Lost Pal

A quick stop to the thrift store looking for a replacement lid to my favorite casserole dish (broke months ago and I still cannot find a replacement, sniff) turned into rummaging through the children's books.

Which resulted in a huge bag of books for five dollars - way less than one book at the book store would have cost.

And look! Quiet children! 'Tis a miracle!


Pat said...

Have you tried the library? Our libraries in the LA area always have a used, dicarded, or donated section. What a haul I have made over the years. Best of all, you can re-donate after everyone has enjoyed them and are now bored. It is a lifesaver.


I am a volunteer at the library resale shop. On bag day $5 would net quite the haul-heck on a regular day too! Instead of making me quiet adding more books to the house makes me giddy! Congrats on a good thrift store find!

Swistle said...


When my firstborn was a baby, I'd just placed an order for maybe 5 books online, and I'd paid around $30. That weekend we went to a yard sale and I got about 25 books for 10-25 cents each. Doh.