Sunday, August 09, 2009

You're Bangin' Your Head Again

"So do you think you managed to wash all the poison oak off?"

"Yeah, I think so. I'm much less itchy."

"Okay, good."



"Um... where I got into the oak I'm shiny..."


"Yeah, shiny."

"Um... did you get something like sap on you?"

"I don't know..."

"Is it sticky?"

"No, it's like stripper glitter and it's all over."

"Stripper glitter?"

"Does poison oak look like stripper glitter?"

"I don't think so... um, which soap did you use?"

"OHMYGOD I'M COVERED IN STRIPPER GLITTER! The poison oak is everywhere!"

"Aaron, WHAT SOAP did you use? Did you use the new soap? Or the regular soap?"



"That doesn't matter, ohmygod, this is gonna be painful!"


"Huh? Why?"

"My new soap makes you sparkle. Did you use that?"

"Oh, the stuff with minerals? Yeah, I used that."

"Well, that's why you're covered in stripper glitter. It's not poison oak, it's my soap."

"You mean, I'm suppose to sparkle?"

"Well, I don't sparkle when I use it, but you sure as hell do."

"So, it's not the poison oak? It's your soap that's got me covered in stripper glitter?"


"Oh, good. Whew. It's kinda pretty."

"Yes, your sparkles are very pretty."


Angel Jem said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.
It's like the day Mr K wanted to use some moisturiser on his face and used my best stuff.... and then found out how much it cost. Oops

Sasha said...

hahahahahahahaha! Soo funny! :-) Gotta love those guys of ours! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

Ali said...

Where oh where is the photo? Priceless.

Keyona said...

That.....was awesome!

Liz said...

Too funny! I agree with Ali - I want a photo!

dee said...

oooh, sparkly husbands! theres got to be a rule against that.

monica said...

I have no idea what stripper glitter is, but the idea of a sparkly husband is very funny!

kristi said...

Well, you could always pretend he's Edward...

Megan of Fabric Love said...

Rolling *gasp* on floor *gasp* laughing!! That would totally be my husband's reaction, to all of it! Thanks for sharing!

Megan of Fabric Love said...
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Unknown said...

I love men who sparkle! That's pretty hilarious. My husband would be so pissed if he sparkled.