Monday, August 03, 2009

Is Your Bed Made?

This weekend I was catching up with my feedreader and caught this great post and I thought, now there's something I can get behind.

I get it quite often, the whole "How do you do it all?" bidness of being a full-time work at home mom, kids on summer vacation, keeping on top of the house, making sure the dog doesn't piddle on the floor, husband constantly going on business trips, not rotting my kids' brains with too much Spongebob and all I got to say is I FAIL.


I don't think - and I certainly don't hope - I come off as one of those people who has her shit together because I don't. I don't, I don't, I don't and I'm not about to give anyone (or my future self) some false identity of lo, life is grand and I gots my shit together.

I'm not a happy-ness blogger. I'm not a let's-linger-over-coffee-for-awhile person. I'm more of a choke-it-down-we-got-shit-to-do person. And no offense to anyone who is like that, rather in real life or on the internet (because, hey, I love reading blogs like that) but that's not me.

I haven't made my bed since I was in sixth grade.

I'm happy if I can remotely keep the bathroom clean (and I live with three boys).

We dig clean clothes out of laundry baskets.

I sweep the floors when my feet have big chunks of yuck on them - not before.

I make Aaron pick up Chipotle for dinner at least once a week.

I fall asleep if I'm not doing something with my hands.

My sewing area is (and has been for months) covered with the boys' school papers.

I haven't scrapbooked since... April? I think?

I rarely comment on my friends' posts. (BIG MASSIVE FAIL.)

I don't click over from the feedreader to read posts.

I still haven't unpacked from my trip over a week ago.

I have two car seats sitting in my living room because I have NO WHERE ELSE IN MY HOUSE TO PUT THEM.

I haven't downloaded pictures off my cameras IN WEEKS.

I'm quite certain I have kitchen counters somewhere, but just don't ask me where.

My garden exploded and I'm officially avoiding the mess.

My kids watch television.

Yes, there's quite a few things I do right (and I've officially become a workaholic) - I cook a lot for three people with outrageous allergies, we take an evening walk, I put work aside to interact with my kids (usually) but I most certainly do not have my shit together. Never have, likely never will.

And I'm okay with that.


Grace said...

Seems to me that, in the important ways, you totally have your shit together. You work, you take care of your kids, you write funny blog posts. Who cares about made beds and clean counters? You've got the bit stuff covered.

Rachel said...

Right on, Sister! Now there's a rant I can get behind. I'm tired of feeling inadequate because I don't cook every night (or even every week), I make my teenage daughter do her own laundry, and my floors have dog hair floating on them while I try to finish a project for a master's course.

Keyona said...

Well I sure as hell know you NEVER comment on my blog. I'm ok with that though.

I also sure as hell don't make my bed. What's the point?

We all fail alot. We just have to be happy with the times we don't.

Dawn said...

AMENS ;p - from another person that will never have her shit together!

tonks said...

This is why we're friends. Speaking of, we need one more play date before school starts.

LJ said...

Great post!
I need to work on that I don't care part.

Pat said...

Good for you. I always felt really, really guiltly if I wasn't doing something in the kitchen, mowing lawns, getting up at 5:15 to get to the laundry. And you know what? It gets done or it doesn't. You get the major stuff handled, like interacting with your children. That is Major, that is life stuff that you don't want to come back and bite you.

laeroport said...

Right there with you, my friend. Right there with you.

Melissa said...

This sounds like my life except I don't have kids, now I can look forward to it being even worse with kids in the picture!

monica said...

my husband makes our bed. every morning. after he's given the kids breakfast.

THAT is why I married him.

Liz said...

The only time my bed gets made is when I change the sheets. Believe it or not, I changed the sheets today so it is made. I do not have time to make the bed every day.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Your blog is so awesome because you are real and tell it like it is. I get so tired of the blogs where their life is perfect, even though we know better. I would much rather read about the real things going on and know that I am not alone in all of it. I know you probably won't read this...hee hee....but i hope you do.

sp8cemunky said...

thank you for this post! Its all too easy to think every other person's life is greener grass when reading blogs...just photos of the ordinary look better on blogs....

I salute your ability to pick your priorities....I'm usually picking mine by default but thats better than not at all. right?

Sarah Jackson said...

I love this so very much. I've been home for 3 weeks and my suitcase is still full and blocking the way to Jeff's side of the bed. Do I move it? No. I have other priorities.

I feel at home here.

kristi said...

You know I'm right there with you. On a good day I do a nearly adequate job of keeping on top of things.

Angelina said...

It's been a while since I've caught up with your blog and I'm so happy I did today so that I could read this fairly old(ish) post that calms my spirit. Oh thank you for saying it!