Thursday, March 12, 2009

When She's Dancing 'Neath the Starry Sky




Did you know? I've actually been having nightmares all week about making the bouquets for my friend's wedding tomorrow. Big scary nightmares of roses attacking me, cutting my flesh and the flower heads swallowing me whole. Good lord.

Hopefully I won't have any tonight. And Buddha bless Costco, four dozen roses - plus tax - for less than 35 bucks. Add less-than-ten bucks for floral tape, pink ribbon, pearl-topped pins and new flower shears. Hopefully, we're ready.

If only my dress wasn't the color of poo.


Anonymous said...

Don't let your boys near those flowers. :) If they are anything like my girls, you'll have at least one casualty.

Anonymous said...

Breath deeply, and enjoy the pretty flowers. The poo-colored dress will only accentuate their beauty.

My day has gone to hell in a handbasket. Thank Buddha for bedtime.

Pamela said...

You go get 'em. Brown and pink is lovely.

Ali said...

may the arranging go smoothly and the wedding be lovely.

Anonymous said...

I got my wedding flowers from SAMS. You just canot go wrong at those prices.

I bet you will look beautiful in that poo colored dress. And I bet the flowers are gonna be lovley.

Chickenbells said...

I bet it will be just wonderful! I can't wait to see the pictures...good luck and remember to have fun too!!

Anonymous said...

Last year we did all the wedding flowers for my daughter's wedding with flowers, roses, from Sam's and Trader Joes. We added herbs from the yard as greenery. I also had about 150 yards of ribbon, a peachy gold sheer, bought a few days after Christmas for $1 a roll (total $10) that we used on everything. We did flowers for the alter, the reception tables, corsages(20), flowers for the guys(10), flowers for the girls to carry, and flowers for the flower people(2 adults filling the flower girl roll). I think all the flowers and supplies came in under $100. Not bad, and the 3 of us who did them had a lot of fun. Enjoy the wedding! Can't wait to hear about it.

pamM said...

I love the TOES in the picture!

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time!

(and drink heavily... that helps)