Monday, March 09, 2009

Don't Stop Just Keep Going On

Hello Monday, let me punch you in the face, mkay?

I'm sorry.

It's just that kinda day.

Bad Laura.

Ah, that feels better. I should have posted these green pix last week but life got in my way.

Life has a funny way of doing that.

Big plans for you this week? I'm helping my friend finish up the last of her wedding plans for Friday. I have the proper brown dress and pink shoes. You can call me Cherry Cordial.

Here's another little happy...

God, I love music.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pics of you in the dress!

laura capello said...

dude. i sent the WRONG dress back.

and i never even put it on! :-P

Chickenbells said...

Loved the totally rocked my computer (even the cat looked up from her nap)

Anonymous said...

It's been one of those days. Fun video though. And shirtless Jake Gyllenhall??? Where???

Unknown said...

Love the "mkay."

Winks & Smiles,