Monday, March 16, 2009

There's No Combination of Words I Can Put on the Back of a Postcard

My friend's wedding was perfectly lovely on Friday.

We're still recovering, I'm trying to figure out what year it is. Two thousand and six, right? Am I right?

Actually, the boys are on spring this week - so my confusion will likely last at least another week - and the weather is gorgeous so I've forced them to go play outside. Yes, forced. They love their Legos too much sometimes, I think.

Perhaps I should clean the patio table so I can take my work outside?

I have lots brewing in my head, from getting kicked out of Union Station for taking pictures of my newly married friends, to wondering why Leslie Stahl was such a megabitch to Alice Waters on 60 Minutes last night, to how Martha Stewart Living gets a BIG FAT FAIL on the supposedly gluten-free article in the April issue (mis-information is worse than no information when it comes to gluten-free), but alas, I'm trying to not be such a Debbie Downer so I'll save my complaints for another day, if that day ever comes.

And I said trying.


Alison aka Baby B said...

I read that article. Text was by Gluten-Free Girl, and captions and stuff were probably written by staff writers. I didn't read it that closely, but I will have to go back and see if I can figure out what the fail is.

That photo is beautiful! Glad everything went well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the wedding went well!

Knitty said...

I didn't watch 60 Minutes last night, but did watch it on the link provided. I have no feelings for Leslie Stahl one way or the other, but I don't understand your feeling that she was a megabitch.

Will you write about this some time? I am not being argumentative. I would really like to understand your point of view.

patrice said...

Wasn't Waters great how she just kept stating her vision and her values despite Stahl? Alice Waters is one of my hero's, and I love to eat at her cafe or restaruant (sp?) when I need a real treat.

laura capello said...

i couldn't find your email address :-)

the issue i had with the article was:

1. using quinoa flour in the cake with no mention of how many people with celiac actually do not tolerate it well, as the protein in quinoa has a very similar structured protein as gluten - so someone who doesn't know this could eat it or serve it to a friend and the person would still have problems

2. no mention of checking labels (or giving any gluten-free labeling tips) or checking sources in regards to buying cocoa powder, buttermilk, vanilla extract, nuts and raisins

3. recommending people eat bacon and country ham - two of the worst offenders of hidden gluten - without giving any labeling tips or recommendations

if i sound harsh, i don't mean to. just get really upset people potentially get mislead with the facts -- and this isn't on shauna, it's on the magazine. and it's too bad, because it could have been a great starter resource for people

Anonymous said...

Didn't see the article, but it does sound like they skipped some important stuff. Which is ironic, because I always considered the Martha Stewart franchise to be kinda OCD.

Angelina said...

How could anyone be any kind of bitch to Alice Waters?

The thing is- you are the one who should be writing the definitive guide to gluten-free living. I'm not kidding. So get out to the patio table!

I love the fancy flip-flops.

Anonymous said...

LC. I had to watch the 60 Minutes segment. I respectfully disagree about Leslie Stahl being a megabitch. I think she is just being an ignorant American trash-journalist prototype. Somewhere in the 60 Minutes bylines, there's got to be something about how MOST of America would appreciate that Leslie Stahl point out how MOST Americans live. Those are the viewers!

I agree with Alice Waters, though. We need to pay more attention. And there needs to be a vegetable garden at the White House. It certainly wasn't going to happen when Bush was in office.

Anonymous said...

I agree Martha Stewart and anal are synonymous, how could they screw up an article on gluten free? Write them and someone will be duel beaten with bamboo sauteing utensils and hopefully the record set straight.