Thursday, October 09, 2008

And Boy You Got it, So Wrong

We were gettin' ready to go to Darwin's preschool Open House the other night, I was standing in the kitchen cleaning Dar's glasses for him. As is usual protocol, he starting discussion his blind eye.

What can I say? It's one of his favorite topics.

(Over-indulgent self-centric tendencies. I have no clue where he gets that. Hmmm.)

So, we did the "when you close your seeing eye what do you see?" "black" "does your eye hurt?" "nope." Okay, good. Also? SUCK ON THAT doctors who said it would ruin his vision and cause him pain forever, sit and spin.

So I changed the subject and started regurgitating (dude, I spelled that right on the FIRST TRY!) what preschool newsletter said to be "on the lookout" around the room.

"Will you show me your play area?"




"You're self-portrait?"


"Did you put your blue glasses on yourself in your portrait?"


To which Griffin chimed in, "Dar, I really hope you didn't draw a picture of me with blue glasses on."

Oh, the self-absorbed love runs deep in our family.

We got to preschool and got the grand tour. Then Darwin took us over to his self-portrait.

"Isn't it beautiful Mommy?"

"It sure it. But it says it's a rainbow."

"Yeah, I know. I forgot to put blue glasses on it. Oops!"


Anonymous said...

That is, without a doubt, the best pre-school self portrait I have ever seen. Way to go, Dar!

Anonymous said...

The. Best. Portrait. Ever.

Andrea said...

That is so cute! He looks so proud!

MichelleB said...

Too cute! And that is a rockin' jacket!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love his mad scientist grin too.

sltbee69 said...

Too cute! He looks VERY proud of his self-portrait.

Good Girls Studio said...

he is soo stink'n cute!

montague said...

i adore this kid.

montague said...

i just went back to read that post you linked to. i cried. and i really just want to hug you.

Leah said...

Great self portrait :) On the glasses front, I'm a recent convert to zenni optical (dotcom). Really truly excellent value.

Chickenbells said...

Hahahah! That boy...while it is a beautiful picture, I don't think it's quite as beautiful as he is! said...

That eye post! What a freaky experience. You must have been a wreck...

His glasses rock. And I love that his idea of what he looks like is a rainbow with blue glasses. If that's not a fabulous self-image, I don't know what is.

Unknown said...

WOW he's brilliant!
Inside and out...what a gift and treasure.


Erin M said...

a rainbow with blue glasses, could there be a better perception of one's self? Awesome.

house on hill road said...

really, he's too cute! that self-portrait is the bomb.

i'm blind in my left eye.
did you know that?