Friday, September 26, 2008

I Never Thought This Day Would End

It's been a hectic day. A work-gymnastic-pharmacy-grocery store-work some more kinda day. Made better by constant repeats of Cure songs.

Tuckie continues to be a shithead. I got so desperate today, I dunked him in water and tried to force feed him. He can keep his mouth shut for a super-long time.

Mwahahahahahahaha, I ignoring you! Mwahahahahahah!

So, I'm tormenting him with sulfa baths.

I have officially decided that a puppy is way fucking easier than a turtle, gimme one. My friend even feeds her dog a gluten-free diet and she doesn't make any of his food. Aaron is this close to not having anymore excuses.

Tuckie went through a similar stage last fall, so I'm hoping his shitheadiness gets better soon. Because I cannot handle work, school, preschool, soccer, gymnastics, cooking, cleaning, being a mother, being a wife, TRYING TO HAVE MY OWN DAMN HOBBIES and worry about a temperamental turtle all the time.

Gee. That makes me sound like a bitch.

So, obviously, the best solution for my situation is for Tuckie to Get Over His Issues Already, Damn.


Jodi Anderson said...

We had a turtle for about a decade (before it ran away; don't ask!) and she would kind of hibernate each year. When it started getting cold, she would eat less. Sometimes she wouldn't eat for months, and one year she spent the entire winter in the corner of our bathroom under a towel. (Maybe that's why she ran away?)

When I was concerned about her seasonal behavior, before I knew that it was seasonal, I remember reading that turtles could go at least a month without eating. I hope that this is the case with your little guy/gal.

Good luck.

Liz said...

You're not a bitch - you're realistic!

Arielah said...

Happy day, Happy day! Lego Advent Calendars arrived today!!
I tried to post a pic but I'm too lame. The fact that we are Jewish diminishes our joy not one little bit!

P.S. you can see pics at Barnes & Noble on line

Anonymous said...

Have you tried taking Tuckie's video games away?

Chickenbells said...

There's nothing worse than a temperamental stubborn pet...I hope it's just a "phase"

montague said...

comeone tuckie. PLAY NICE!

LauraJ said...

you just reminded me, thank you, why i can't have pets! kids, sure, pets, not so much. They take too damn much patience!!

misschris said...

oh pets. Loved 'em until I had kids.

You can have my dog if you think she would easier.

PamKittyMorning said...

Tuckie needs some tough love for sure.

sltbee69 said...

If you think a puppy would be easier, you obviously haven't read any of my lame posts. Only I got 2 at one time. I can handle my Beardie's hunger strikes any day over the potty training of 2 puppies.

tonkelu said...

Um, if you want a dog you're more than welcome to Zoie who survived suicide attempt #4 last week. Damn dog.

I'm thinking so not cool is right about Tuck. JP is getting a bearded dragon for his birthday and I've been reading up on the creatures (so I don't kill it) and they go through a hibernation phase, usually in the fall. I wouldn't be too worried and, hey, if his shitheadedness gets out of control you could always toss him into the nearest pond. He's a native species. Too bad I can't do that with the dog.