Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Summer Never Ends

Can you believe it? Griffin goes back to school in two weeks. Well, two weeks from tomorrow but two weeks just the same. This week has been spent buying school supplies (yikes, expensive) and clearing out last year's stuff (two bags full of paper recyclables, right there).

A couple of weeks following that, Darwin will go to preschool. I'm not quite certain what I'll be doing with myself, but running around naked whooping it up and twirling my shirt over my head is at the top of my list.

Yes, Tuckie is still alive. He's be a pill lately though, having some eye problems and then refusing to eat, only to decide a couple of weeks later that 20 crickets a day is a reasonable diet. He's like a child. Without the cuddling.


Chickenbells said...

Now THAT sounds like a celebration! And there's not one mention of having to wipe anybodies tushie...well, except your own, but I'm not sure why you'd mention it too early for a drink?

Heidijayhawk said...

i may join you with the whooping. all of mine go back two weeks from TODAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just bought 20 glue sticks. I swear she went throught at least 20 glue sticks last year. Or lost them. Or had some other kid swipe them off her desk. But 20 glue sticks all the same.

and if you're gonna run around the house naked and whooping it up, maybe draw the blinds first.

Unknown said...

Mine started school this week ... tomorrow I'm closing the blinds and getting my run on!

And all of the school supplies put a big dent in the budget. Why does each kid in the class need 60 sharpened number 2 pencils? I'll buy them, but damn if I'm sharpening them! Smiles!

Anonymous said...

To think that only a few weeks ago I was thinking summer was too short. Now the kids are getting more and more on each other's nerves (and mine). I can't wait for school to start so I can get back to my rigorous schedule of lying around naked eating bonbons.

Anonymous said...

two weeks? how can that be.