Friday, July 25, 2008

Can't Stop, Addicted to the Shindig

The boys are still in jammas, watching promotional videos that were part of the swag from the BlogHer conference. I'm sitting here muttering curse words under my breath, stupid motherfuckers, where are they?, waiting for the dishwasher guy to come and rescue from a destiny of quickly-aging hands and steamy facials.

I'm still not quite "here," still dreaming of cool breezes and foggy mornings. God, I love San Francisco. Dreaming of Adult Conversation and not wiping other people's booties.

I'm still working on the unpacking aspect, and stumbled across my favorite thing I brought home...

I love art. I love red. This couldn't be more perfect for me. And Annie Galvin makes beautiful, beautiful pieces.

But, I'm home. And I'm readjusting to Kansas. With grilling, and making ribs this weekend. Good old-fashioned Kansas City Barbecued Ribs. Yum. Must make baked beans. Can't have ribs without baked beans.

I think, now that Griffin goes back to school in less than three weeks, I've come to terms with Summer. Trying on lazy days and an unkept home in lieu for hours at the pool and evening walks to the playground.

The unkept home though, that's the hardest. Trying to be all cool mom and not OCD-freaking-her-shit-out mom over clutter and shelving that would not pass the White Glove Test.

In anycase, now I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the dishwasher man, when what I want to be doing is a big run to Tar-jay to get Griffin school supplies. New crayons, new markers, new beginnings. I love fall.

And not having highs in the 90's would be lovely too.


Anonymous said...

it's not fall yet!!!

(I'm not ready.)

And I forgot to comment before- I'm glad you're home safely and had a fun trip!

Heidijayhawk said...

i have momentary busts of freaking out about how crazy my house is when all the kids are home, but shit...they are pigs. then i remember that they go back soon and get a bit sad. i hate guilt.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's almost fall. We've got enough going on here without thinking about school starting too! Though I do love the scent of new crayons.

Anonymous said...

I love your new bear art. :) Though, bears are a vicious nuisance. (Colbert Report anyone??)

Tell me how you do your ribs. Someday I will try them again. My last rib disaster still stings.

Anonymous said...

Well long time stranger! How the hell are you? Love the art piece you picked up - too darn cute! Same thing here. We are still homeschooling because we live in the shittiest school system in the country and the asshole private schools KNOW it and therefore charge $15K/yr for 1st grade. WILL WE EVER MOVE FROM THIS SHITHOLE???


I'm just a bundle of joy eh? ;-)

Soo said...

love the picture....hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Dana said...

Lovely art for sure.

Isn't it how it always goes . . . just when we get used to and comfortable with something it changes. You're finally settling into summer and now it is time for school to start again. Man.

Angelina said...

Fall is a lovely time of year but we're still a month away you know.

Stupid dishwasher.

Do you dream of withered old men coming to your house to administer the white glove test and break a cold sweat at the idea of not passing?

Angelina said...

Oh yeah- I love that piece of art.

Norma said...

OH I love your new pic!!!