Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Know I've Started to Think

So I've gotten an assload of inquiries about the bones and glitter. I got the plastic bones set and glitter set (because, you know, they had to be assholes and package them separately) at Michael's from the Martha Stewart craft line with the rest of her Halloween crafts. I got both of my sets 50% off because I just can't buy her shit full price.

Don't get me wrong, Martha's shit is awesome. It's just fucking expensive.

The colors in my glitter package are: heliodor (dark green), golden beryl (light green) and yellow gold (um... gold?). They are in super spiffy glass jars and the jars are still REALLY full after my glitter extravaganza that caused Aaron to have a nervous tick and tears in his eyes.

I also got some questions about that super rockin' bird fabric (my words, not yours; but I do think that was your point). I got my first yard of it at Sarah's in Lawrence, Kansas, whilst visiting my friend who needs a sitter so she and I can have another playdate sans the kids. We like to go to Sarah's and talk to the actual Sarah and give her lists of things we want her to order while we molest her fabric. See? Fun times for everyone.

It took a lot of searching, but I did find some more of that print here. Have at it ladies, I already placed my order.

And for the record: plastic reindeer are on my shopping list. Thanks for the idea!


Chickenbells said...

Yeah...Martha's stuff is OVERPRICED...but, it always goes half price...I'm chompin at the bit for more of the finger in a box invites (which would look smashing with glitter nails) or the one's with the science slides...pant pant drool... I want a play date to molest fabric!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I missed the glitter. SO COOL.

Does Sarah's carry linen year round?

Rachel said...

I wish you hadn't just mentioned 50% off. Bad news for my wallet.

And Alicia has a good question with the linen. I can never find any out of season.

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

Working on the sitter because I need some Laura and Michelle time!

Anonymous said...

I like the bird fabric too. It reminds me of a '70s era fabric I used to have in my bedroom, except that it had chickadees instead. And who wouldn't love glittery skulls? If only I could spend today putting glitter on stuff instead of cleaning my house!