Friday, August 17, 2007

Just Got Paid (Just Got Paid), It's Friday Night

I got a job on Tuesday.


An all-grown-up-helping-take-care-of-my-family-job. Working from home.

So you may heard of the company, BlogHer Ads. ::blink, blink:: Yeah, the people that run the ads on the side of site.

You see the links under neither the ads? I update those. Well, half of the ones in the network -- not all of them.

And hey! Guess what! You can make my job easier. :: blink, blink:: Help me by giving more variety in what I do.

See, BlogHer Ads is seriously expanding. We (we, hee hee, I'm part of a team now) are more than doubling our network in the next two months. Which means we (we) are accepting applications for blogs to run ads.

Rules... rules.. rules.. you need to update two to three times a week and your blog has to be at least three months old. That's it. Seriously. So if you are interested (because, damn, I don't want to shove it down your throat) feel free to email me and ask questions and/or go to the site, read up and apply.

And who doesn't want a little extra mad money for fabric shoppin'?


Chickenbells said...

Congrats on the new job! I just went and, I've got to figure out how to fill out all those forms and send them in...sheesh, this technology scares me (help...I need a geek! LOL!)

Angelina said...

Yay!! I got your e-mail a few days ago and only haven't responded because I'm so busy trying not to stab myself in the eye to avoid my life...but I'm interested. However, I am considering moving my blog to my own url and I don't know how that would shift things. It might be better to wait until I have accomplished that.

I'm so excited for you!! (Do you get to leave Aaron home with the boys for some business trips occasionally?)

Heidijayhawk said...

ooooo. compelling. but i suck at updating on a regular basis. some weeks i could update every day. sometimes once a week is about as good as it gets! way to go laura!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! New jobs are wonderful.

Chara Michele said...

Congrats on the new job! :)

KKM said...

Congratulations. I look forward to hearing about the benes, sprititually and otherwise, of your new life.
When I returned to work, granted it was "on the outside," I could not escape this Theme Song. See if you can name the Show:

Welcome Back,
Your dreams were your ticket out.
Welcome Back,
To that same old place that you laughed about.
Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
But the ...
(insert forgotten lyrics!)


You've been "maimed" (which is my-speak for Tagged for a Meme...

amy h said...

Congrats on the job! How many hours a week do you think it will be? I didn't even know there was a person behind those links. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! Congrats! I know you don't have enough to do there with poopy fingers, mystery tomatoes, quilting and all...LOL. (I signed up)