Friday, April 06, 2007

You Didn't Have to Make it Like You Did, But You Did, But You Did and I Thank You

This week I have received two parcels in the post (two!).

The first was a surprised package from Sadira at Foolsewoode. She was the first to comment for the magazines, which I had snarkily suggested the person getting them should rub them on their naked body and she totally did it. TOTALLY.

She sent me a painted tote, some awesome tarot card fabric, a chocolate bar ::drool:: and a beautiful handmade card. And I've been carrying that tote around all week. Love it.

And yesterday we received our miniswap package from Malene in Denmark.

She made the boys totes and collage art. She also sent lots of candies, a few toys, lots of pirate paraphernalia and even some legos.

Thank you so much ladies!


Chickenbells said...

You are quite welcome my dear...I am glad you are enjoying everything, and I do appologize for not sending anything to the boys, but every once in a while...mama needs something all to herself (look at me justify)

I am excited to see what you make with the fabric, as I can only think of making yet another tote...and I have all the other Day of the Dead in that series, and I am stymied. Until then, I giggle at it and dream...

lera said...

Look at all that pirate loot!

Glad you had a good mail week. It's always exciting to get stuff in the mail. Especially surprises!

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

What great mail loot. Totally jealous. I need some pirate stuff for my office. :)

amy h said...

Great stuff! I love that tote.

Anonymous said...

That's some cool stuff. I especially like the tarot fabric and the piratey things. What will you make with the fabric?

Anonymous said...


W H E R E ??

can you tell i sorta like it? i tried google and ebay but got nuthin. i won't rest until some is mine.

how are ya?

Anonymous said...

That fabric is classic loteria cards (aka mexican bingo). It's damn cool too - love those images but haven't seen it in the fabric. Too damn cool.

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Wow, look at all that loot!!! What a treat, man the only thing we have got this week is bills, why do we always get bills at holiday time...its pain!
Suzie Sews

LLA said...

OK - Sadira at Foolsewoode? Totally sounds like my kind of grrrl! :)

And look at all the piratey goodness! I'm glad you had such a fun mail day!