Thursday, April 05, 2007

There’s Nothin’ Much That We Can Do to Save You From Yourself

Dear CBS,

Rumor has it across the internet that you intend on canceling The Class.

This is, perhaps, the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life (read: a crock of shit).

In a day and age where networks are rushing-rushing-rushing to put any ridiculous Average Joe (read: Blow Joe) onto television in a reality series (read: crappy television), the sitcom is a dying art. Specifically, the sitcom that caters to people that have more than three brain cells.

Let's lay it on the line CBS: I'm a nerd. My husband is a nerd. We are striving (yes, striving) to raise nerdy children.

We are people that like to think. People who enjoy witty banter. People who understand mathlete jokes. And most importantly, people who enjoy the usage of colorful language.

And we aren't the only ones! Have you forgotten that The Class won The Best New Comedy Award for The People's Choice Awards last year? Have you?

Is it really your desire to be known as the dumbass network to outbid all the other networks in order to acquire The Class only to cancel it after one season? A year from now, do you want The Class to be shown on Brilliant But Canceled and have everyone talking about what a utter and complete failure CBS is a network?

Because if you cancel The Class that is exactly what will happen.

Did Benjamin Franklin quit trying to discover electricity after the first try? No, he did not.

Did the music industry drop Nirvana after one album? No, they did not. (And where would we be without Nevermind? That album changed the course of music forever.)

Don't you understand, CBS? The Class totally rocks and you are being indecisive. Over what?

Are you scared of success? Because that's the only logical conclusion for your inability to immediately renew the contract of The Class.

The world needs more laughter. And you can make that happen.

Laura Capello

P.S. In normal situations, I would also chime with who's dick do I need to suck off to make this happen. Unfortunately, given that I am married and this is Hollywood, I haven't said that due to the fear that someone's actually going to take me up on it. But please note, the sentiment is there and that's how strongly I feel.


Oil Cloth Junkie said...

Simply put, You Are Awesome.

Chickenbells said...


Anonymous said...

You are sending them this letter, right? I haven't even seen The Class and I'm ready to march on their headquarters with a torch and a pitchfork!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on liking witty banter. I'm feeling the same way with NBC and Studio 60. (Chandler, Amanda Pete, Bradley Whitford! Come on!) Of course I don't actually watch TV, but if I did, I'd want all the witty banter I could get.

Send it!

LJ said...

you never fail to make me smile or giggle... after the initial gasp of course lol

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this show, but I'll apply all that to "Studio 60" and send it to NBC. :)

Angelina said...

You mean this might become yet another great show that I never see on actual television but rent once it's on DVD, fall in love with it like Arrested Development, and then be heart broken because there's only one or two seasons of it?

That sucks.

Anonymous said...

~whew... good thing The Class wasn't an hour long show. That'd be one heck of a Lewinski!

I'm still mad at CBS for pulling the Picket Fences plug (way back in the day). Another show that one had to use the ole gray matter.

lera said...

I hadn't heard that rumor yet. I've watched that show on occasion (when it doesn't interfere with karate).

They will probably end up replacing it with game shows or reality shows, because some people can't get enough of those. (I'm so sick of both of those I can barely stand TV anymore.)

MéLisa said...

I hadn’t heard this either. I wonder if that is what "Thank God Your Here" is taking the place of!!!!???? (which kind of looks like it will suck.) They suck then! I love that show! Have you noticed that the news chick (can't think of her name) hadn't been on in a while but her little flamboyant hubby was? I was trying to figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that show either. You tivoers get to watch more tv than us non tivoers. :(