Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Head is a Box Full of Nothing and That's the Way I Like It

I had every intention of posting yesterday, especially to participate in Fiona's Work in Progress Fridays. But gosh darn it if my aunt didn't impose my 15-year old cousin on me for free babysitting services yesterday.

Free. Baby. Sitting. Services.

So, yeah. Like you all would expect me to skip that opportunity.

And I got to run a week's worth of errands by myself all afternoon. It was hotter than Haites, so I won't say it was enjoyable. But it certainly wasn't the Armageddon it would have been had I had to do it with the children.

Anyway, here is my work in progress...

This is the status of the quilt. It has sufficiently scared the holy living crap out of me, thus convincing me that working on the cookbook would actually be easier than working on the quilt.

So, of course, I haven't worked on either one.

Actually the quilt is at a point where I need to use the floor, because I need a large working area. But using the floor and having the children that I have don't exactly go together. So hopefully I'll be burning the midnight oil soon and working on it after I put the boys to bed.

And here is the other project I've been working on this week...

Father's Day cards. And they aren't perfect. Which is annoying. But it is so damn exhausting being perfect all the time, so no perfection for you cards! No. Perfection. For. You.

And now some answers to y'all's questions. Because I'm nice like that. And because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to email people. Freakin' blogger.

Q: What does Aaron do, anyway?

A: He is an electrical engineer for a company that makes machines that make envelopes and feminine hygiene products. Right now he's out at a customer doing a machine install.

Q. Hey, do you have Wife-swap in the USA?

A. Yes we do. And it is FREAKING HILARIOUS, and I would so totally feel sorry for a family that got swapped with me. I'd be nutso. And stern. And make them eat gluten-free, the horror! The horror!

Q: What does Lycee candy taste like??

A: Very fruity. Almost like a berry. Email me your postal address and I'll send you some (this goes for anyone interested).

Q: Is anyone starting to feel better after their bouts with the mystery crud????

A: Yes, but now the heat is torturous and we are waving our fists at the gods and begging for rain. Darwin's got some bad heat rash and his atopic dermatitis is flaring up pretty badly. Since taking Griffin to the doctor (when we though he might have a hernia), he's been fine. Freaking hypochondriac child.

Q: Can you tell me what you are going to do to keep the kids out of the room on Monday and Tuesday? [if you paint]

A: Force my cousin to come over for free babysitting services. Because, yeah, my kids don't listen either.

Q: When do you sleep ?????

A. When Aaron's out of town, I don't go to bed till around midnight, because I kinda suffer from insomnia when he's gone. I need to get more sleep, and my ass is seriously dragging now.


Kim said...

You mentioned your kids don't listen, and I'm not sure if you are joking or might be able to change something about how you handle them. Mine don't have that problem.

Anonymous said...

...I'm rubbing my temples and chanting "new job, new job, new job" so Aaron will telepathically get the message...

Marshamlow said...

I am sorry about the heat wave. It is freezing here today, we are huddled under blankets watching movies.

My kids don't listen either, because they are going to grow up to be leaders with a strong sense of self. I know that you are a great mom, you know how to discipline your kids perfectly.

I am sending Internet hugs!

lindiepindie said...

You can do this quilt! Don't get scared, just take it a step at a time and take a deep breath - RIGHT NOW!

I'm exactly the same way when my hubby is gone - late nights getting nothing done. And is that Lycee as in something that sounds like LaiChee? I used to eat those growing up - yummy fruities. I didn't know they made candies.

Anonymous said...

Ok - i tried to post on your Hawaii stuff but alas, blogger wouldn't let me. My DH is from hawaii - I lived there for 5 years and yep. guava jelly ROCKS. I miss that, the smell of plumerias on the air, and the fact that every 7-11 has damn good coffee.

lera said...

free babysitting! WOW! you deserve it! how nice of your aunt / cousin!

your cards look great to me!

Kim said...

OK, I'm breaking down, although I hoped to keep the gig going...
I WAS SO, SSSSSOOOOOOOO, COMPLETELY KIDDING! My kids don't always listen and I was in no way throwing a Mommy-grenade at Laura. It was meant to be facetious :)

laura capello said...
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Marshamlow said...

Ok, I am an idiot. Kim you are obviously very witty and better at leaving comments. A good chuckle is better than symphathy any day. My bad!

Anonymous said...

free babysitting from a known, trusted, and related person?! Is it your birthday? National Holiday of Capello? wowzer that's just groovy. enjoy it.
Sorry about the quilt thing. I got the same issues here. It's gotta be small enough to store away when the little one's loose!
The father's day cards look really good! I like the blue envelopes a lot!

julie said...

The cards look great!! FREE baby sitting - someones jealous over here!!

Anonymous said...

I like those tags, they are my favorite color combination.

Anonymous said...

hey, with the way the company sends aaron out-of-town so much, i hope you get some free feminine hygiene stuff! just, seriously, you deserve some goods!