Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And Don't Forget to Give Me Back My Black T-shirt

The colors of the day today is black and gray. May I present...

Darth Vader doing a manual inspection of his Tie Fighter. Turns out a Patawan learner in this house keeps dismantling it. Darth Vader isn't certain it is up to code to go chase down Luke Skywalker just yet.

(We're just a couple of nerds raising nerds in this house.)

What? My Legos don't count?

Fine. Have it you way. Geesh.

A photo collage in our living room. I love pewter and silver photo frames. Surely that counts.

The center photo is of my dad's first communion (should that be capitalized? I do not know). Starting at 1 o'clock and going clockwise: me (about eight four years old), my dad's and mom's engagement photo, my dad golfing in the 70's, Aaron's mom and Aaron when he was about a month old, Dad's and Kathy's wedding in Hawaii (that I wasn't invited to), two pictures of my mom in college, and two pictures of my mom with me when I was a baby and in the center a picture of me and my dad when I was about three. Whew!

(I wish we have been given more pictures of Aaron's side of the family; for some reason no one wants to share yet.)

And for everyone who has been wondering: yes, gluten is practically in everything. I plan on doing a big write-up about it soon (kinda a rough draft for the cookbook, which I really need to work on).


Anonymous said...

Darth Vader is the ultimate in black. Why wouldn't that count? Rock on, nerds.

Ali said...

YOUR Legos? Yeah, all the best toys in our house belong to me too (I'm fairly good about sharing, apart from Magnetix).

I've been married 12 years and there still isn't a photo of me in my MIL's house - it is however a shrine to my children, so at least I did 2 things right.

Anonymous said...

Your lego's are super cool.Well, all lego's are cool, but I had no idea there were Star wars legos. Who knew Darth could be so cute?
The dark side is definately suitable for black.
Your photo wall is very lovely. I love the photos of you and your mom.

Marshamlow said...

When I asked to see pictures of my husband as a child I was told they were put away or didn't exist.

Big nerd here too!