Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It Sounds Like a Whisper

Happy new year to you.

I keep flipping between excited and nervous for a new year. I feel it in my bones, this year will be different (and hey, maybe in part that will mean conquering some of the hoarding tendencies in this house) (I sure do hope so).

We have a lot of changing already happening, none within our control. It's becoming a strap-on-your-shoes-and-do-some-ass-kicking moment. I feel like I kick enough ass as it is, thanks, but apparently more needs to be tackled. So tackle it I (and we) will.

But in the between, I'm looking to the light, to the hope for happiness and ultimately the best outcome for my family. To three smiling little faces who wrestle and scream and run in the house, who chase the dog and tickle each other and join me in my crazy kitchen dance parties.

It's an adventure, this crazy little life.


Sarah Jackson said...

xoxo. you go kick those asses, friend. make it a great year of change and risk taking and self discovery. you totally have it in you. and good luck on the hoarding. :)

Mamadallama said...

And happy new year to you!

amy h said...

2012: the year of the ass (kicking). I hope it's a good year for you! We're having lots of scary possibly exciting changes around these parts, too -- maybe this will be a crazy year!

Alicia A. said...

I'm hoping for only good things for you guys this year, Laura. Happy New Year!