Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Don't You Know Now Is The Perfect Time

We're having a bit of growing pains as school is now out of session and we're home with mama and all our brothers all day.

After a few very rotten, horrible days we've moved to a new reward system. I think it's working, but today the naughtiness keeps coming even with redirection.

So we're focusing on other things, trips to the neighborhood pool...

... fresh flowers from the farmers market (I really do get the best of the bunch, I think)...

... and workin' on the postage stamp quilt. When I get an opportunity, of course.

Aaron just got home at 2am this morning (duuuuuuuuude) after his four-day-trip turned into an eight-day-trip and he still turned around and got to work on time. That boy deserves a trophy.

And lots of rain this weekend. So he won't have to do yard work (and so Mama can sew).


Vicki said...

Rain would be great.
Our rules have things like: wear your bike helmet. Always wear shoes outside (lots of new roofs in our neighborhood, and nails here and there). No hard candy for the 2 youngers (there was an incident involving dh doing a mini-Heimlich). We have a job chart starting this week, too.

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

Oh wow! you got your hands full girl! I can't wait to see that postage quilt.