Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And He's Bringing Me a Surprise

It started with a rash. Then a fever. And listlessness.

Called the doctor. Told to wait. Half-an-hour later, headed to Urgent Care.

Within an hour, the rash nearly doubled.

"Due to his food allergies, we can't give him a shot." Went downtown to the big children's hospital.


"Heh," the doctor said. "No shot would've helped this anyway."

For once, food allergies helped us.

Official (-ish, because he never had an abscess to drain & run tests on) diagnosis: fast growing MRSA cellulitis

Required lots of IV antibiotics

Four days in the hospital is not awesome.


Michelle said...

SO glad you listened to yourself instead of the doctor's advice to wait. Sending thoughts for a quick recovery!

Vicki said...

Holy crap, that sounds scary. I am so grateful for Children's Mercy.... Hope everyone is super duper healthy, really soon!

amy h said...

Aw, MRSA? Jeez. I'm glad you were so on top of it and they got him on antibiotics quickly. Now, stay out of those hospitals for at least a month, you guys!

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

To Hugs to you and family. You guys all deserve a break! Hang in there!


PamKittyMorning said...

Oh dear. Thinking of you xo.

Laura said...

Poor little man! Hope he recovers quickly. I think you're awesome coping with all the health hullabaloo in your family! I hope you get a bit of a break soon!

Unknown said...

Ugggghhhh, hugs to the whole family. That sounds SCARY :(