Thursday, June 03, 2010

Maybe You're the Same as Me

I'm a big summer can go fuck itself believer. Or, at least, summer in Kansas.

Summer in other locations, I'm sure, can be perfectly lovely. Perhaps in those location I'd understand the love-fest but honestly? I am so done with summer already.

I get it. I'm probably being harsh. And unfair. But I don't appreciate itch crawly things sucking my blood. Nor do I appreciate having to spend the day inside to avoid a heat stroke. Nor lathing my kids with SPF spiked chemicals (sorry, I don't care what you use, there's stuff in there that you cannot pronounce). I don't appreciate humidity so bad it causes my asthma to flair up (let alone flair up while pregnant) and I don't like displaying my dimpled thighs to the stick-thin teenagers at the local pool. I don't like the summer colds the boys are currently battling, the lack of scheduling due to no school (yes, partially my fault for not keeping the boys on a crazy schedule but still) nor do I appreciate the mid-afternoon naps that result in me yelling at 10pm to GO TO BED ALREADY.

I don't like running the air conditioner so high that I can hear the motor running all over the house, nor do I appreciate the pollen that infests my house anytime I even consider opening a window. I hate how long it takes for the van to cool off while running errands and the sticky-in-the-ass feeling of trying to pull myself out of the driver's seat and onto the hot, hot pavement.

I hate seeing the hazy on the street as I drive through town and the little confidence building talk I have to give myself to even leave the house in the first place. I don't like having to check all the garden beds twice a day and potentially watering them, all because the Kansas heat is zapping the ever living life out of everything.

But, I do like the flowers. The flowers are lovely.


Aimee said...

This is reason #1 we moved from Atlanta to Seattle. 99% of those things? Nonexistent.

The unscheduled stuff, though. Yeah. Ugh.

Kristi said...

Amen. And let's add in three small people who still have to be strapped into five point harnesses and ARE NOT HAPPY about it. Joy.

Only June 3? Can't wait for August.....

Unknown said...

WORD! Exactly why my license plate says I LV SNOW! And don't even get me started on the instant puffiness my hair starts to take on once I set one foot out the effin' door! It's nearly enough to make my 2 year old go out and cool the car down and strap herself into her car seat!

Bonnie said...

Hey Capello:
Come on, don't sugar-coat it, tell us how you REALLY feel about summer!!!
As Aimee said, we don't "have" all these wonderful "side-effects" of summer in Seattle -- in fact, it's still RAINING here (since forever)!
Take care.

Unknown said...

well, I like your positivity.

Every cloud has it's silver lining, right?

Katya said...

Hear! Hear! We are living through a third summer in a row (summer in Atlanta, GA; summer in Melbourne, Australia; summer in Atlanta, GA) and I am just about ready to *scream*. Summer is my least favorite season... I'm sulking inside and hoping it goes away quickly.

Mare said...

I can't stand summer in New Jersey either. I swear I have to use a vat of Biosilk to keep my hair in check. Is it fall yet?

The Nice Lady said...

I totally want to move to Seattle.

mom says from whimsy said...

And here I thought it was just me who hated a Kansas summer!

Loved it!