Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Walking in the Spiderwebs

Last Friday I was emailing with Michelle and she was telling me about the projects she was working on and what have I been working on lately?

Um.... breathing?


To which she replied maybe I'd feel better (not that I'm depressed, I just feel like I'm under 20 feet of water trying to thread to who-know's-where) if I worked on a little somethin' somethin'.

Little did she know I spent three hours (duuuuuuuuuuuuude) the previous weekend just uncovering my goddamn sewing machine.

After eradicating 500 spiders (how I wish I was embellishing that ), I sat down and fixed a pillowcase.


And then after that, I tore up another pillowcase (with hole! because I have boys! and a dog! and they're rough on things!) (Get it? GET IT? ROUGH ON THINGS! Like ruff? Like a dog barking? Oh, nevermind) and made it bigger and fixed up the torn back.

Yes, I know. You've seen it before. But hot damn, I sewed something.

And, of course, the whole damn house knew I was sewing because I left the basement door open because Aaron was mowing and the boys were watching cartoons and I was screaming at my machine "WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW?!" and, um, other things when all of the sudden I look up and there's Darwin.


"Yeah, Dar?"

"Do you like sewing?"

"Yes, I do. I really do."

"Then why did you call it a dirty little bitch?"


"May I have an apple?"


Now I have all sorts of grandiose ideas like working on my quilt and making a new bag and not feeling like I'm drowning in my life.


Ali said...

So, sewing really is the answer. Better blow the dust off my machine then.

Gina Perry said...

actually, you do amuse me (and the interweb) so that's 'doing something' too. not to be underestimated. thanks for giving me a new nickname for my sewing machine. luckily my boy is only 7.5mo so he can't chastise cursing(yet).

Unknown said...

Just imagine what you would have said to the machine if you didn't like sewing! Glad you got your sewing groove back.

Oil Cloth Junkie said...


Diane said...

yeah, my family teases me cause I always curse like a sailor when I sew. It's part of the relaxation process, I say.

Anonymous said...

You completely crack me up!

Judy Romero said...

Thanks foor this