Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Won't Believe in Heaven and Hell; No Saints, No Sinners, No Devil as Well

While watching a movie the other day...

"Mom? Is he in the God?"


"Is he in the God? Or having a dream? Because he's in the clouds..."

"In the God?" ::pause:: "You mean, is he in heaven?"

"Yeah, that's what it's called - heaven. Is he in heaven?"

"What do you think?"

"Is that what happens when we die? Do we go in the Go-I mean, do we go to heaven?"

"What do you think Griffin?"

"I'm not sure. What do you think?"

"Well, some people think if you're good you go to heaven and if you're not good you go to hell."

"I'm not sure I like that idea. I wouldn't want to live in the clouds forever."

"Well, no one knows for sure what it's like but some people do think that is what it is."

"What do you think happens when we die Mom?"

"Well, I think when we die we rest. After a while, I think we come back as someone else. Maybe an animal. Maybe another person. Maybe on Earth, maybe on another plant."

"You mean, you get to live again?"

"Yeah, it's called reincarnation. You come back to learn more. That's what I think. Other people think differently."

"That's awesome. I want to think that too."

"Griffin, you can think however you want. It's up to you to make your own mind."



"In your next life, can I boss you around? Because that would be AWESOME."


Keyona said...

He's got a point. That WOULD be awesome. :o)

Unknown said...

HA! That would be awesome! I want to come back as my boss' boss! oooh or maybe her mom and really boss her around!!!! heeheehee

Chickenbells said...

You know...I think that may be an actual possibility.

Pat said...

I do like his thinking!!!

sp8cemunky said...


the planet of janet said...

i'm thinkin' that WOULD be pretty awesome ...

Maggie May said...

grin. smart kid.